Selling something at higher price


Hi. I want to sell shoes. I bought them on sale but normally they are more expensive. So should I sell them for price similar to this which I paid on sale? Is going for higher price immoral yes?


Not immoral if you make it a win-win situation. Buyer and seller should both benefit from the transaction, possibly in different ways.


Selling something for a higher price than was paid for them is how shops, and other businesses, operate. But it sounds like, in your case, you bought them to wear but then changed your mind, so you are not operating as a trader, which might make a bit of a difference. I would suggest that perhaps it would not be appropriate to profit from your own mistake, but it is an arguable point.


This reminds me of nvidia and amd graphics cards. They didnt produce enough in the past, and someone always seemed to be able to get one to screw up the market by reselling. Its also similar to why gasoline cost $5 a gallon in the usa in like 2007. So many prospectors.


I bought them to wear. I wore them but didnt feel quite comfortable inside my mind. Its weird but got bad feelings when wearing them. For example intrusive prideful thoughts


A price agreeable to both parties is sound practice. You are not coercing the buyer - it is a freely made choice.


It would be hard to resell them if they have much wear and tear on them and how would you find someone with the same size?


They are in good condition.


If food costs every dollar you have, its a price agreeable to both parties like you said. :frowning: I believe a fair price for a fair good or service is sound practice. Just because you bought something does not say your happy with it.


In a market economy, the market sets the price. Anything else is arbitrary and ‘unfair’ to one of the parties involved.


Ok so I made an offer for the price which I paid


I used to flip things on eBay all the time, especially when I was unemployed.


Just don’t resell something - that’s defective !

A just weight and balance are the Lord’s ( proverbs )


It would be wrong for you to sell at a higher price if it were a situation where you were selling a necessity, like food in a time when food was scarce, or necessary clothing at a time when there was a shortage.

These shoes sound like a fashion item and not a necessity. Therefore, as long as you don’t misrepresent their condition or what the item actually is (in other words - don’t sell a knockoff claiming it’s a designer item) then feel free to charge what the market will bear.


No it is not immoral to sell something for a higher price than you paid for it.

If you have intrusive thought or other aspects of OCD and anxiety you need to be under the care of a therapist and your pastor for spiritual direction. This is a serious mental condition that needs professional help. You cannot post on CAF asking if everything is a sin.


Make a profit. If someone is willing to pay a price than there’s nothing immoral about it unless you’re misrepresenting the item as something it isn’t.

Both parties benefit in trade, you get money you want and they get shoes they want. Nothing immoral, equal benefit.


I would sell them at a lower price, especially if it is to a friend.

But get PROFESSIONAL help for your OCD.


But they appeared only for few days. Now they are gone probably


What on earth are you talking about? How is reselling something “defective”?


If you are selling it to a friend, its a tad cut throat, and not really friendly, although I wouldn’t say “immoral”.

Selling it to a stranger or just an acquaintance, its just business.

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