Selling something at higher price


Is English your “ second “ language, BoomBoom ?
When I say defective -
I mean, don’t resell an item that’s broken or doesn’t work
or has some sort of problem attached to it - lol
( used car dealerships )


I honestly wonder sometimes if English is your third or fourth language. There’s no indication that the shoes he’s reselling are “broken” or “don’t work.” He specifically said they’re in good shape. He just doesn’t want them.

Your posts are almost always a serious of random half thoughts inexplicably separated by hyphens. Slow down a bit.


I bought snakeskin cowboy boots on eBay a few years back -
Went to post office - got the box -
Put them on in a store parking lot - went into the store -
barely able to walk out of the store -
The left foot boot - jabbed my ankle - horrible - torturous -
I sat down in the parking lot - before I even got to my car - slid off the boot in agonizing pain -
Brought it to shoe repair guy - he shrugged - couldn’t help me out.
I wasn’t happy - lol - can laugh about it now though…


Haha, seagull, I gotta tell ya…even when I can’t follow your train of thought, you’re weirdly charming.


Cowboy boots are something that you never, ever buy without trying on first!

hawk, who never wears eastern shoes


Why did you chose “ hawk “ for a name - ?


It was inevitable for someone named “Hawkins” . . .

In high school, I was generally referred to as “The Hawk”.

A great many people over the years started calling me “Hawk” with nothing starting it at my end.

When computer accounts rolled around, I naturally entered “hawk” (and long before the term “internet”; I was the first in the world on the network that became the internet to use it).

Then when I showed up to teach at Penn State, it couldn’t use hawk, as it was the intersection substring of two there account names (which were full names. And, no, I have no idea why the intersection, rather thanuse, mattered), so Ihad to use “dochawk” (by the late 90s, just before I got the degree, I used it on a couple of other sites where newbies had already used hawk).

I didn’t think anything more of it until students started calling, “hey, Dochawk!” across the plaza.

And now it’s on my license plate, too :slight_smile:

now, though, almost nothing accepts a four character login, and even seven is often two short . . .



Glad to meet you :slightly_smiling_face:

Always a believer ?


If you are able to buy something that is easy to obtain at a cheap price and then resell it for a reasonable price, there’s nothing immoral about that. What is immoral, in my opinion, is scalping. That is, buying up as much of something as you can for the sole purpose of depriving others of getting it from the original seller and then reselling it to them at a higher price. This happens frequently with concert tickets or very popular Christmas toys.


From birth; I’m a cradle RCC who later found the Eastern Catholic Churches.

And with the recent changes, were I 10 yers younger, would probably contact my bishop about seminary.



You’re married …:slightly_smiling_face:


“Scalping” is just a form of speculating on a price, and its by no means a sure thing. A concert ticket or toy might not be as profitable to resell as the speculator originally thought.

The scalper is trying to outsmart the concert promoter or retailer, guessing the actual market price is higher than the price that was set


It may not be a sure thing, but it causes problems and that’s why many ticket promoters have a stipulation in the purchase of the ticket that it can’t be resold except at face value.


Yes. :slight_smile:

When the horrific Cum Datum Fuerit of 1929 was recently vacated, it did not address the issue of formally RC married men being ordained in the EC churches in North American (those events “only” used two schisms . . .).

Historically, when changing rite, there was an effective, if not actual, ban on future ordination as a priest. It really isn’t clear whether that is still the case.

The Melkites, so often ahead of such games dealt with the ban in the 70s by training priests and sending them back to Antioch, where they were ordained by the Mother Church, and then lent back to their former diocese . . . Rome wisely and quietly “didn’t notice” . . .

Today, though, it would be just about retirement time by the end for my formation, so . . .

hawk, who really should have been a married priest at a Catholic university


How is it immoral?
You set the price.
The buyer is free to buy them or not.


You may sell them for what price you can receive, what would be immoral would be to sell to one person at a price but if someone walked up and needed them you double the price.


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