Selling the soul to the devil

Is it true that your soul can be sold to the devil? Like a pact? Is it possible to exist a contract with the devil where he owns your soul and you can sell him? I hear a friend of mine saying that it would be impossible, because all our souls belongs to God, and we can’t sell something that it isn’t ours, because only God could sell it.

No, it is not true-- although it is the frequent plot of Hollywood movies.

Anybody can sign anything but that dosen’t necessarily mean it is binding.
A contract to do something immoral is never binding.
Signing any contract with the devil is therefore never binding.

Just a thought.

You can’t be held to an unjust contract. But you can make an unjust contract and agree to it. If such an event was to happen, I would encourage the person to go to confession.

It is true in the manner that you sell the idea rather than physically handing over the soul.

It is a major rejection of God.

It is much easier for Satan to tempt you into mortal sin than to try and con you this way.

And classical literature, and at least one Jack Chick tract!


Well, no one is claiming that anything “physical” is in fact handed over.

If you made such a contract, however, it would be because you believed in it. That would place your being under a “psychological hold”, even though the contract itself is invalid.


Also some pop music such as the Charlie Daniels’ song about someone selling his soul to the Devil so the guy would become an expert fiddle player.

If you sold yourself to someone else to be a slave to that person for life, the courts of our country would refuse to enforce that contract, and the other person would face criminal prosecution for imprisoning you, even though you had signed a contract allowing it.

If our country is able to recognize the impossibility of selling yourself to another, don’t you think God can figure it out?

You can’t sell your soul to the devil or anyone else, because you can’t.

Actually, the man didn’t sell his soul, he bet his soul that he could outplay the Devil.


Okay. It has been a while since I had heard the tune.:shrug:

This is a popular theme in any number of books, movies, TV shows, etc. In more scrupulous times, it’s something that really troubled me. But, simply put, the enemy doesn’t have that kind of power. All souls belong to God. Attempting something like this would absolutely be a serious sin, and one could very well go to hell because of it (and could also possibly open one up to diabolical activity), but it’s nothing repenting couldn’t take care of. The only way God can’t take care of something is if you won’t let Him.

Believe it or not, Chick gets this one right. In fact, that tract says pretty much the same thing everyone’s saying here. Of course, Chick’s pretty whacked out on so many things, but still, even a broken clock…

I am debating to sell my soul so my family will be okay.
I know its not a good idea, but I hate to see them suffer.
if god really loves them he wouldn’t put us thhrough any of this.

any idea’s?

I do not believe this is possible. It is not like you go to an office, sit down with the devil and sign an agreement. If you did, how could you trust the devil anyway? It sounds like you are desperate, but thousands of others are also suffering. God is not responsible for our suffering, though we sometimes may wonder why He does not stop certain things from happening. Also, the devil does not have any power over God so calling on him will not change your family situation, and is likely to make it worse. You should NEVER invite the devil into your life, even if you think your intentions are good. He preys are the weak, the lonely and the depressed in order to cause damage. If your family is suffering, it does not need any more of this. I truly hope you come out of your despair and your family survives whatever is ailing them.

You cannot sell your soul to the devil, much less anyone (or anything else). Reality doesn’t work like that. One can always repent through Penance.

I assume that you mean that you are giving up on God and are planning on trying to work with Satan instead? Not a good idea. For one, Satan is very deceitful, and will not do anything to truly help. Also, the Devil possesses no real power. He has already been defeated by God, and is defeated by God everyday.

So why join the losing team?

I will be praying for you. Do not give up on God.

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