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Many of you may have noticed that Father Pavone of Priests for Life is very actively selling homilies from EWTN Masses that he celebrated live and which were taped with both video and audio. First allow me to mention that I fully and very strongly support Father Pavone’s awesome work with Priests for Life. He is a great man. However, it initially stunned me a bit when I saw that he was selling a part of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that he had the privilege of offering on worldwide television. It seemed to me at first glance to be sacriligeous, if not at least extremely tacky and of poor judgment. Upon further reflection, I recalled seeing a video of the Tridentine Mass for sale, as well as a Padre Pio Mass, not to mention Pope John Paul II the Great’s funeral Mass, and many others. I have never seen a portion of the Mass carved out and sold as property to make money for the homilist. Please help me to crystalize my thoughts about this. Am I over-reacting, or is my concern justified? I value the thoughts and opinions on this board so I thank all of you in advance for your consideration and contributions to this inquiry. God bless!

I am sure he is not using the money to take a vacation in the Bahamas.

There is a demand to be able to witness good homilies, the Mass done with respect and remember others such as Pope John Paul by watching the funeral.

The money used by this, if used for good purposes is perfectly fine to be made, as it is necessary to have at least some money for future events and to promote the faith. It is much better to spend your money on a video designed to edify God and promote the faith than at the local restaurant.

Now it should always be done with respect and used for good causes, we cross the line when it is done for personal gain and in a disrespectful way. Even Saint Paul built tents as his trade to raise money for his living as an Apostle.

In Christ

Don’t know much about this case, but remember that producing and distributing these videos costs money, too. So it is only logical, that they are sold for money.
As far as the amount of this money and its use: I don’t know anything about the particular situation, but tend to agree with Scylla.

It’s all about intent. If the intent is to buy something, whether a scapular blessed by a priest who must be paid for blessing scapulars - everybody’s gotta eat - or a desire to be edified and sanctified by listening to a homily - and the seller uses the income to sustain themselves and or to further the cause of Christ, using either the money earned or the by the spread of the message of the homily, then it’s fine in my book.

I suspect Fr. Pavone’s ministry costs a lot of money. He spreads in important message and travel is expensive, along with the materials developed.

And then I feel really good about giving money that helps further Christ’s mission.

It was understood by all parties that the Levite priests kept and ate a portion of all sacrifices brought to the temple. In fact, they even sold some of it for other sustanance and neccesities.

It’s all good! :thumbsup:

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