Selling Virginity


A woman is selling her virginity at auction, and finds no moral or religious problem with it. interesting quotes from the article:

“I feel people should be pro-choice with their body, and I’m not hurting anyone,” she said. “It really comes down to a moral and religious argument, and this doesn’t go against my religion or my morals. There’s no right or wrong to this.”

“… I think it’s the general direction that society has been heading in for a while …”

“I’ve talked with my exes, some different guys, and they understand it’s just a business deal, and they know me, and they know I’m not this promiscuous girl. Honestly, even if I didn’t do this, I’d always be the girl who thinks prostitution is OK,” she said. “I would always want to find a partner that can accept me for me.”


There’s a lot of confusion in the world. People don’t understand the purpose and meaning of sex. It’s as simple as that. People think they know or believe there’s nothing to know. Prayer is needed. Many people go to hell because no one prays for them. No one!


Praying for her. :signofcross:



The word is Prostitution, not selling her virginity. Seems to me this should be a punishable crime.


i will definitely keep this woman in my prayers. :heart:

in the peace and love of Christ,
alison :heart:


Not in Nevada.


It may be legal in Nevada, but it’s still called prostitution.


How sad. It’s remarkable what people will do to scrounge extra money (hint hint)


And e-bay (or whatever site) is guilty of pandering by carrying the ad.


What this girl will come to learn is, with the highest bidder, comes the highest demands that will be made on her.

She will lose more than what she gains.



Yes, as the article says.

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