Semen/sperm contamination. Am I being OCD/scrupulous?


I have a problem with semen/sperm contamination and spreading that contamination around.

If I have a wet dream or if I commit a mortal sin of masturbation, I feel that things can get contaminated with sperm/semen. [However, I feel more concerned with sperm/semen contamination as a result of mortal sins of masturbation than as a result of wet dreams (as I can’t really control wet dreams)].

For example, stepping on a contaminated spot on the carpet after getting semen on the carpet by mortal sins of masturbation. If I step on a contaminated spot on the carpet, my socks would be contaminated, and then everywhere else I step after stepping on the contaminated spot would be contaminated too (unless I changed my socks after stepping on a contaminated spot).

Another example is when I have a wet dream, my bed becomes contaminated, and then if I sit on the couch after getting out of bed, the couch would then be contaminated, and if I sit on a chair after that, then that chair would be contaminated, and so on and so forth.

Another example deals with getting the shower tub floor contaminated by mortal sins of masturbation or showering after having a wet dream. Therefore, if I step on the contaminated shower tub floor, my feet would be contaminated and everything I step on barefoot after that would be contaminated as well.

I think you get the point.

And I worry about other people touching/stepping on something contaminated and then them spreading the contamination around as well.

I’m concerned with this because I don’t know if it’s sinful or not to bring the contamination into a parish (or someone else bringing the contamination into a parish by their shoes, clothes, etc. getting contaminated by me).

Also, I can’t see sperm/semen with my naked eye, and I therefore can’t tell if or when something is contaminated.

Please pray for me and please respond to this post.


You can buy a portable, handheld blacklight for detecting biologicals for about $20. :thumbsup:


But what about the individual sperm that are no longer mixed with the fluids? I would think that some have gotten spread around by stepping in, transferring, etc. and are no longer in the original spot of the semen.

For example, if I stepped in an old, dried semen spot with my socks, some of the sperm may be picked up by my socks and transferred. A blacklight wouldn’t detect those that were transferred (at least I doubt it would).


I’m pretty sure that those lights will pick up even dried biologicals, though perhaps not on the individual cell level. Perhaps more importantly, even if you do detect stuff it would likely be impossible to easily determine if it’s your stuff or someone else’s stuff or even exactly what that stuff was, e.g. saliva, urine, sneeze residue, blood, etc… With that in mind, maybe it isn’t worth the effort.


I have OCD too, and understand this spiraling snowball of “what ifs”. From what I’ve heard, sperm die quickly outside the body.


Unintentionally “spreading” semen/sperm is about as immoral as unintentionally “spreading” dead cells, which we all do. Semen/sperm is not some kind of hazardous waste. Obviously, I wouldn’t want to shake hands with someone with semen/sperm on their hand, but I also assume that they’ve probably at some point had bodily fluids on their hands and cleaned themselves up with them after going to the bathroom. Stop worrying so much about this. Clean your fluids the best you can, stop doing anything sinful and cover the sofa if you want to go a bit further, but stop worrying. :thumbsup:


You’re worrying about nothing. Sperm cells die after they are out of the body a short time.
See webMD site for answers
Try to stop masturbating it is at least a venial sin and they weaken our will to resist sin. Any time you feel the urge, pray to Mary for help to stop, say a Hail Mary and Our Father. Pray for all who suffer from this habit, the devil will stop tempting you in time. He doesn’t want you praying for them. If you fail to resist confess it and keep trying you can eventually stop. It’s good for your soul and your will power to resist other sins and helps you grow in holiness.
God Bless


Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction to overcome your temptations.


This sounds like OCD. I would strongly encourage finding a good therapist to work with, and medications help greatly as well. You can find affordable mental health treatment by going to your local community behavioral health facility. God bless you.


Firstly, ‘wet dreams’ are not sinful; they occur in your sleep and you do not have control over them. As for semen contamination, while it certainly does have a ‘yuck’ factor too it, it is not in itself sinful.Semen is a natural bodily fluid, there is nothing at all sinful or contaminating about it. The sin is the act of masturbation itself, and you can stop it. Stop focussing on things that are not sinful (‘wet dreams’, semen ‘contamination’) and focus on the thing that is sinful. I think you’re focussing your energies on the wrong thing here.


Well, aside from the fact that perhaps you should stop masturbating, perhaps you could keep a hand towel close when you do so just to be sure and not mess up the bed or floor. Have you ever heard of scrupulosity though" and is your problem contamination or is your problem masturbation? Wet dreams are NOT a sin. You have no control over them.


Your OCD is having you see things in a way that is not realistic. When a married couple has sex, which is not sinful and perfectly natural, the ejaculate will end up on the sheets even with vaginal intercourse. The fluids during sexual intercourse can get on you and then go into the shower or get on the blankets or even on other areas depending where the couple has sex. So your obsession with “contamination” is something you must cognitively rethink because, in reality, there is no issue with that. Semen washes off of everything and is no different that urine or saliva. When anyone sneezes mucous flies everywhere and can contain germs. That happens to everyone all the time.

Now, your issue with masturbation is another situation and should be seen as a struggle that many people deal with throughout their lives. Wet dreams are not sinful and it is no different than if one should urinate in bed because they forgot to go to the bathroom before and didn’t wake up in time. Messy? Yes but nothing is contaminated other than some wet sheets and blankets that need to be thrown in the laundry. So talk to you confessor and see how you can manage your temptations with masturbation and with your OCD you may only be culpable of venial sin. I cannot say here but in many cases it is not a mortal sin and even the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that.

So just remember that your body fluids and everyone else’s can get on things and do all of the time. Unless you are sick or carrying a sexually transmitted disease (which most of those diseases die immediately after the semen is exposed to air) you should have no concern. You are being wayyyy to hard on yourself. God loves you with in infinite love and He knows you better than you know yourself. So stop worrying and relish the beauty of God’s grace and forgiveness. And the only thing that is contaminated is your freedom from your fears. Seek counseling if you can you you will be in my prayers. God bless you always…teachccd :slight_smile:


Find a good therapist.
Praying for you.


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