Seminarian arrested in San Diego for allegedly trying to have sex with infants, girls in Mexico


How sick is this? Sure am glad he was caught before becoming a priest.


We need to pray for him, especially for the grace of repentance.


Yes, pray for him…however…re-read the story (from the very first sentence):

Sunday, January 31, 2016 02:37PM

SAN DIEGO, Calif. –
***A former Ohio seminarian ***arrested …

He WAS a seminarian!


May justice be served and he be put in jail so he does not do this again and succeed in adopting or finding an infant to abuse.





He was still in the seminary this semester. The statement from the seminary rector stated that he was expelled from the seminary the moment he left without authorization (which is what he did when he flew to California). And the bishop’s statement said that he was suspended the moment he heard the news.

So now he is a former seminarian. But he was still a seminarian before he left for California.

Yes, thank God he was caught now before actually doing anything and before getting ordained.


I think they need to improve their psychological testing before admitting seminarians since they didn’t pick up his proclivity. I wonder how long he can be sentenced to prison? Whatever it is, it probably isn’t long enough. He should never ever be around children.


From those I know who have gone to seminary, the psychological testing is pretty rigorous. If someone is going to lie, though, I’m not sure how any test can detect that. Hopefully smarter people than I are working on improving the process.

I would guess the prison sentence wouldn’t be nearly as long as it would had he actually abused a child. But I’m sure he’ll always be on the sex offender registry and be forbidden to be around children.




Thank you for clarifying. Some people still want to be in denial about this problem in the Catholic church regarding sex abuse scandals. My conxern is he still passed the rigorous testing! This should send up a red flag.
I am thankful he was caught. I read his mother is suspicious of the charges. it sounds like there is plenty of evidence from what I read the other day. if he is guilty, he is a very sick person!


he did admit to abusing at least one child in an email. Although I’m not sure if they can identify who that was and charge him with it.


Why are seminaries attracting Satan at this moment in history or had it always been?

Too many weak leaders in the Church?


If he didnt actually commit any sex acts, unfortunately, he probably wont get much time, heck, even when people do commit these acts and get caught, they dont receive much time!

It seems everyone likes to talk tough when it comes to this crime, but when the sentencing part comes, they usually go light on them…?? I once read this is due to politics, election years, etc, but not sure if I believe that or not.

I just cannot see how ANY adult could desire an infant like this!!! This has got to be the enemy at work in their minds…possession?


why do these types of men want to be priests is what I want to know?


Pedophiles are attracted to positions that grant them access to children. The priesthood is one such position. School teacher would be another one.


I think in addition to psychological testing, they need to interview and spend time with the friends and family of the potential seminarians. It’s one thing for one person to lie to sneak into seminary, but another for all of his friends and family to lie as well.


Does anyone really know the latest studies on the subject of pedophilia? I mean, can something like this sexual attraction to infants even be treated? I’ve been asking God how I’m suppose to view such people, because I have a hard time praying for them sometimes. I know God is merciful and a just judge of things we cannot see, but it is such a dark and ugly sin.


how many of Ted Bundy’s friends and family knew he was a serial killer? I think they should go over this guy’s interviews, application and testing with a fine tooth comb and see what they missed.



I wonder if they’ve had any guidance from experts on how to identify pedophiles?


After everything that has happened the last 30 years regarding priest sex abuse scandals, I would hope someone in the Catholic church has contacted experts on pedophilia.

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