Seminarian leaves promising soccer career to become a priest

(or a football player for you non-Americans)


Wow. That’s impressive. And so gratifying to see all those other young men willingly embracing their desire to serve the Church.:slight_smile:

That was such an inspiring and touching story. It’s actually bringing tears to my eyes. :blush:

Nice story!

Here in the UK, our national Vocations Office did a video advert in the early 1990s which was basically “You can be a priest and like football”. Shame I can’t find it on youtube

I saw this interview on CNN. I loved his story and it was wonderful of CNN to show it.

Well done to that young man.

He had a great career to look forward to and plenty of material trappings that come with that career, so to pledge himself to a priestly life is a fantastic example.

I wish him well in his new vocation.

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