Seminarian Question


To seminarians on the forum.

What is your schedule like during the day? What classes do you take?


I have yet to be formally accepted as a seminarian, but I'll share my anticipated schedule, because it will be a bit different than that of a major seminarian, or even most college seminarians.

Since I am still in my undergraduate studies, but I do not study at a college seminary, I will reside at the Diocese's House of Formation, while studying at a Catholic university.

Every morning, I will participate in Morning Prayer and Mass with the other seminarians and the Director of the House, and eat breakfast there afterwards. After this, I will depart for the university. I will have classes, lunch, and some time for personal prayer at the university. At the end of the day, I'll go back to the House of Formation for Evening Prayer and dinner.

Like I said, it's very different from the norm, but it still is done in some dioceses.


I go to a seminary which has college division and theology division. This semester i have english, psych, philo, and latin. and morning prayer, breakfast, and mass are in common.


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