Seminaries That Offer Certificate Programs in Theology


I would love to take some Catholic theology courses at a real affordable rate. If it could lead to a certification, then great. Online programs would probably work very well for me too.

The program needs to be Orthodox and on the traditional side and very affordable. I already have mega loans.

Any ideas?



TrueLight, have you checked Catholic Distance University?


Actually, I haven’t!

I’ll take a look. Thanks!


See if your diocese offers a lay formation program. These are usually two year programs that meet once a week. You can’t choose the courses you take but it gives you a well rounded and pretty good understanding beyond the basics. I teach in such a program and even cradle Catholics who think they know their faith are surprised at what they don’t know. These programs focus on getting involved in parish life as a catechist, RCIA instructor, or other areas of leadership.


Sounds good. Would you happen to have a link to any diocese which has such a program posted so I can get an idea of the depth of such courses and also to compare with what might be offered at my diocese?


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Dominican College is based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They are very orthodox, friendly, and overall outstanding people.

Or so I heard… :smiley:


You don’t mention where it is that you live.


Hmm. I see they have certificates in theology and theological studies. I shall have to contact them to see if they offer classes online. Very affordable too!



[quote="TrueLight, post:9, topic:281485"]
Hmm. I see they have certificates in theology and theological studies. I shall have to contact them to see if they offer classes online. Very affordable too!



No problem! They're also about five minutes away from announcing a strategic partnership with Carleton University as well. Literally, the press conference is happening right now as I type this. Things like this explain why they're super busy and haven't gotten back to me yet about my formation with them.

I know SEVERAL people who have gone there, they all say positive things.


You’re having your formation with them? Should be awesome!


The Newman Guide seeks to connect Catholics with orthodox institutions. Their website is at

One way to check on the committment of colleges and universities to orthodoxy is by asking personell if the school has signed on to Ex corde Ecclesiae. One way to encourage the provision of orthodox education is to let personnel know that you desire to attend an institution which has signed on to Ex corde Ecclesiae.
May God bless you in your search for a program!


[quote="martininthefiel, post:8, topic:281485"]
You don't mention where it is that you live.





What is the significance of signing on to Ex Corde Ecclesiae?


I’ve enjoyed this thread. I spent a few years in seminary but left formation before earning my Master’s. I would like to continue my education and am considering the alternatives. Some things here were helpful. Thanks to all!


Ex Corde Ecclesiae is a document released during the reign of John Paul II that attempted (and in many respects succeeded) in reinvigorating a truly Catholic identity in “Catholic” schools. It is still a work in progress, but much way has been made.


I see. Thanks!


There is a nice overview with at the catholic culture website:

The document itself can be found here:

The Newman guide, and online website also has a helpful discussion.
May God bless you!


There are some good suggestions in this thread.

In addition, I received an e-mail last week detailing summer online course here:

Some of the people I study with locally are in the program at the John Paul the Great and they really love it.



Thanks Jason!

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