I’ve started reading the book “Goodbye Good Men” well aware of the criticism of it, though one of the points made in the book is that “soft” diocese tend to have a priest shortage while orthodox diocese seminaries do not. I’d rather not go through another debate of this book, what I’m interested in is does this tendency for orthodox seminaries to be flourishing extend outside of the diocese to groups like the FSSP, Institute for Christ the King, Opus Dei, and for the matter even groups like the SSPX and SSPV? My impression is that these seminaries do not have the shortage of seminarians prevalent so many other places but its only an impression, I don’t have any documentation, and searching the Internet it seems hard to come by. Anyone have any sources?

After 15 years of existence the FSSP is present in more than 50 dioceses spread over 15 countries and four continents. Currently it has almost 170 priests and 120 seminarians in formation


Although I can’t find a source, I know that the SSPX ordains around 50 priests a year.

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