Seminary College, what topics are studied?

I hope I worded that correctly.

*What topics are studied for the various degrees?

*Is there a list of what books I would need to get?

I’m thinking of buying them first to see if I would
be interested in doing such a thing.

*Is there Catholic Seminary Textbook store to buy from?

A college seminary program will be a comprehensive liberal arts curriculum, where you’ll study the humanities, along with a smattering of the natural sciences. The main focus will be philosophy, as you are required to complete a minimum number of philosophy credits according to the foundational documents of seminary formation. Most of the time your textbooks are purchased through your school as they would be at any other college, or else you can buy them on your own. In two years of seminary, I’ve found it cheaper to order my own books online. The books you will use vary from class to class and professor to professor, and of course seminary to seminary. Reading your likely textbooks, however, is not the primary focus when deciding if you should attend college seminary. Rather, you should be discussing a possible call to the priesthood with your pastor and vocations director, and perhaps take a seminary visit. There’s more to seminary than just books and studies, as formation is not just academic. You are in my prayers.


College seminary focuses mainly on philosophy. Major seminary will focus on theology. The USCCB requires 30 course hours of philosophy and 12 of theology in addition to a bachelor’s degree.

The philosophical curriculum will include the study of the history of philosophy (ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary), logic, epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of nature, natural theology, anthropology and ethics.

The 12 semester credit hours will be in appropriate courses of undergraduate theology. These courses will study the themes of the Catechism (doctrine, liturgy and sacraments, morality, prayer) as well as Sacred Scripture.

You can’t buy the books ahead of time because each school and professor will require different textbooks.

You can read more in the USCCB’s Program of Priestly Formation.

It really depends on each diocese or seminary. But you first have many philosophy in all the cases.

God Bless You.

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