Seminary Prep


Would general Scripture knowledge be a good idea before entering seminary? I’m talking College Seminary, right out of high school.


What do you mean by “general Scripture knowledge”? Don’t you follow the readings at Mass, and the homilies?


Anything that helps increase your faith.

I’m in the same boat as you are discernment (however I’m discerning religious life as a priest)

I’m starting to read more Scripture and Catechism. But I’m also reading about the saints, Gk Chesterton, Pray more often.


Sorry, I should have been more specific. I mean being able to identify verses to the book, the purposes of the books, good recall, being able to recite verses. If I memorized a ton of verses would that be good?


It would depend on the verses. Because sometimes just saying random verses would take the entire chapter out of context. I would read the whole chapter then analyze what the author and speaker are trying to say, then memorize the basic knowledge of what the chapter explains in which memorizing verses at this point would be helpful.


Whatever you bring with you will be a gift. If you have very little specific knowledge of Scripture, that’s fine too. Just bring an openness to discerning God’s will, a desire to serve his people, and a willingness to learn more that will help you do both.



Bryce, it would be helpful, but they will teach you what you need to know. And what Edward George said.


My answer to your last question would be no; simply memorising a ton of verse (even if you can put them in context) would not be particularly useful.the reason I say this is that scripture study is about more than just memorising verses - it’s about understanding not just the literal context in which they occur but also the historical, geographic and cultural context in which they occur. All of these things add heaps of depth to the superficial meaning of the words themselves. That said, developing a general familiarity with scriptures is never a bad thing.

On a more general note, it’s entirely natural to feel that you need to “prepare” for the seminary by doing things like you suggested. My advice would simply be don’t. the seminary will take care of teaching you what you need to know, when you need to know it and in the order in which you know it. The advice I would give you is to work on your prayer life (and I don’t mean just reciting a lot of prayers) and on learning to place your trust in God and surrendering yourself to him (granted, easier said than done). More than likely, there will be some aspects of seminary life which don’t fit with your expectations or which you would prefer to be done differently (or not at all). It’s at these moments when being able to trust in God’s plan (obscure it may be) become really important.


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