Seminary the 2nd time around

I am interested in hearing from priests or seminarians who were in the seminary, left the seminary, then returned again after a few years. What was it like to return? Did you feel you were too closely scrutinized? Did you go back to the same seminary? same diocese? How long did you wait and how old were you?

I left the seminary about 10 years ago and still feel there may be a calling. I also feel I have worked out any issues which contributed to my leaving.

Hey My friend.

How are you? Hope fine.

I come to share with you my little experience, and i’m sure that you will get answers to your questions.

I leaved the seminary 10 years ago exactly because of many reasons :

  • I met a girl during the summer and i started to have many doubts
  • My family abandoned me; and i never received any support for my vocation.

I went in gabon in corporation during one year to help salesians sister for helping people. Then i returned in France and decided to make engineering school. I finished and worked 3 years as engineer.
In the same time, my favourite hobbies was travel and diving, so i travelled around all the Europe, Australia and then i arrived in Canada, Quebec as permanent resident and i started to find a new job here.
In the same time i had many relationships.

Finally, one day during Eucharistic Adoration, i felt that i was not happy, that something was wrong in my life; that Diving, Travel, Money, God job as engineer is not enough… And i decided to return to the seminary, but not in the same, but here in Quebec, because i fell in love with this area, my diocese, and i asked my admission here.
Now they are making a consultation to my last seminary and all the parish where i was during the last 10 years. And normally i ll return next August.

After i leaved the seminary, i lived in the world like a christian, but i realised that i was not happy.
Now i’m sure that it’s the best choice, and i will never regret.

Don’t hesitate if you have specific questions.

Good bless you.

Thank you for your story. So, your plan is to re-enter the seminary this fall?

I know a priest, who went to the seminary in the 60’s and 70’s, he left because they said to tell him to find salvation elsewhere.( I think that is how he said it). Taught at a Catholic High School for about 10-15 years. Went back to seminary, and was ordained in the mid 80’s.

I am sure after that time away, all who were in the seminary would be gone. Even if they were there still, it wouldn’t be in their place to judge. If God calls you to go back, then you should go.

Normaly yes, exactely the last week of August.
What about are you? Are you seriously planing to return or your decision is not taken yet?
And what old are you? Are you speaking about that with your spiritual director?

I am 40. I would like to reenter next year. One problem is that I am currently living outside of the country.

And what is the problem if you currently living ouside of country? In my case for example, I’m from France And now in Quebec, so I asked my admission here in Quebec, because I’m living here now.

No, I mean I am from the United States and am currently teaching outside the U.S. I will want to join the seminary back in the U.S. I am going home next week and will talk to my home pastor. Perhaps we could correspond via email and support each other?

Ok, no problem, it will be a pleasure.

God Bless You


How are you? Hope you are going fine and passing a good lent.

Just to know if you received my last response and my private message sent from here?

God bless you.

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