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I have a question about seminary formation. In a particular Archdiocese they have a seminary called the Redemptoris Mater Missionary Seminary. Now this is run by the Neo-Catehumenal Way ( If a young man feels a calling to the priesthood he must attend this seminary and become part of the “Way” even if he is not drawn to this charism. It has been made clear that there is no other way for formation and one is obliged to do so. Would the potential seminary have any recourse if they do not want to follow this? Or are they bound to observe what the ordinary of the Archdiocese has declared?

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You move to a different Archdiocese… :confused:

One thing I forgot to add is that it is “Missionary” meaning that those under formation must be prepared to be called to move wherever they are needed. So again, if they are called to serve the people of the Archdiocese only and wish this, they will not be able to do so.

May I ask what Diocese you’re in?

There are some questions that are best answered somewhere besides on the internet. If you are exploring the possibility of a vocation, you should probably speak first with your pastor, and then whomever is the vocation director of the archdiocese.

If you have explored the matter and find that is the only alternative, then you may wish to move to another diocese and establish yourself there sufficiently over time to be able to start the process again anew.

Just because there is a seminary in the archdiocese does not necessarily mean that all who wish to be ordained for that archdiocese must (or necessarily will) go to that seminary. You need to make sure that you are speaking with the right person when you confirm that is the only path.

You might also seek out some priests who have been ordained from that seminary to explore how they felt, what they were taught, and how they interact with the Neo Catechumenal Way.

Sorry, your post is not clear as to whom you have spoken; you may have the official answer. Or you may have someone who has a strong opinion on the matter and is “blowing smoke up your skirts”, as it were.

My understanding of the Neo Catechumenal Way is that those who chose to follow that particular calling do not chose which seminary / country they go to, rather it is decided for them. Sometimes a seminary can form a dual purpose - namely, being a diocesan seminary and a Neo Catechumenal Way house of formation (although with some functions separated) with the two groups of seminarians studying together.

No one has a right to be a priest. You couldn’t choose this seminary as if you were choosing a university at which to study.

You will need to discern your vocation. If you have one you will need a bishop to accept you for training for the priesthood. It may not be your archdiocese that accepts you.

If a bishop accepts you as a candidate you will have to go to the seminary he chooses.

In general, at seminary you follow its programme of study. Seminaries receive candidates from different bishops. It cannot accommodate the choices of all bishops. Your bishop would only choose this seminary if he had no objections to its programme of study and formation process.

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