Sen. Cruz Said to Be Considered for U.S. Attorney General


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz met with President-elect Trump late Tuesday afternoon, hours after the incoming Republican president convened a meeting of his top transition staffers to review key appointments he will need to make before his inauguration in mid-January.

“Sen. Cruz is pleased to have the opportunity to meet with President-elect Trump in New York today,” Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier said in a statement.


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was at Trump Tower discussing job in Donald Trump’s administration, according to person familiar.


Yes, but I think he’d be better on the Supreme Court.


I was thinking that too, with Giuliani as Attorney General. It looks like Trump is trying to mend fences better that I thought he would. He really was all about winning in the primaries and is smart enough to know he can’t make deals with people who won’t talk to him.

Giulani is also mentioned for Secretary of State. What would Hillary think about a former prosecutor in charge of all her files?:eek:


Trump has a list of SCOTUS possible appointees that Trump said was absolute and he would only select from it; Cruz isn’t on it.




At least Cruz came out and supported Trump towards the end. Wonder how Jeb and
Kasich are handling the Trump victory.


:thumbsup: Ted Cruz would be an awesome Attorney General, but an even more awesome/amazing Justice of the Supreme Court.


I though Cruz closed the door on leaving the Senate for the Supreme Court. Now I am supposed to believe he is going to leave the Senate for AG? No to a life time of being able to make conservative decisions, but yes to only 4 years? Makes no sense to me. I think we are seeing a lot of made up “news” and we will see a similar story about everyone who meets with Trump, they will all be up for high level positions. This is all to keep the news cycle filled.


That’s kind of what I’m thinking.

But if, I had my choice, I would love to see him on the SCOTUS.


Just came across this:

**Kansas’ Kris Kobach, immigration hardliner, could be Trump’s attorney general **


Well at least they have acted like men of principles and not crawled back with their tails between their legs…like Cruz and Ryan


I think Cruz is the principled one. Jeb and Kasich ran away with their tail between
their legs when they lost. Sore losers. I wouldn’t want either one in my administration.


Ironic. Ryan has said far more I agree with than Trump has. I hope Trump is savvy enough to know he shouldn’t burn bridges. Just because Trump won doesn’t mean all the votes were enthusiastic. People need to remember this.


Kascish and Bush hare now insignificant in the realm of politics ,they blew it big time


Can’t find a link at the moment, but Trump did say even his second list of 23 people wasn’t exhaustive but that anyone he picks would be similar.


I agree.


Bush maybe. Kascish, he’ll be back after Trump crashes and burns.


I’d rather see Cruz appointed to the Supreme Court. Few in DC understand the Constitution better than he does.


Quite a few of them dropped their support for Trump after the groping comment, I bet most regret that now!

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