Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to roll back the GOP tax cuts



In and of itself, not a bad thing if the extra money would be used to reduce the deficit. The tax cuts without corresponding spending cuts were fiscally irresponsible.


Excellent news—hope she’s successful!


How many different ways are there to peel a banana?

This woman does nothing but create turmoil.


Hardly irresponsible. We still have record tax revenue receipts… We have a spending problem…


Most don’t care about deficits. Not a good political move to raise tax rates.


I think the far left is okay with the politics of it. They talk about taxing the “rich”, and people believe them.


Most people are fine with taxes that are paid by someone else. Which is one reason nobody really cares about the deficit. Is taxing the rich worse than taxing future generations? I don’t see how.


This is the first time a Democrat has ever worried about “the deficit”.


Cheney (“deficits don’t matter”) should talk to her.


Both parties are normally only concerned about the deficit when the other party is in power.

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