Sen. Hirono: Men Need to “Shut Up”



That is the kind of sexism that liberals promote and accept. Had a man said that, especially a White man, the left would have his head.

I have to say that while I love Hawaii I wish it was an independent nation both for its sake and for the sake of the rest of the US.


Is this the same senator who exclaimed “I’m Confused” when unable to grasp the simple concept that entering the country without authorization is against the law?


During a press conference today, Sen. Hirono was all smiles, it was so disgusting to see. You think any normal person would be somber regarding a matter like this, but it was as if Sen. Hirono sickly enjoyed crucifying Kavanaugh in the press.


I wish all of political America would shut up for the next two centuries at the very least.
I’m so tired of this American story and others displacing more important news where I live.


One point of modern news is to focus your attention on things outside of your control. People feel like they play a part in something by merely having an opinion about it. That is one of the many problems with democracy.


Nice spin on the title - she sad “shut up AND step up”. That means something different than just “shut up”.

Men do need to shut up and step up. We’ve heard dozens of pundits and politicians all going on, and on, and on, and on about how even if this did happen, should someone be held accountable for something that happened so long ago. Furthermore (the “and” part) men should be taking a stand against people who would commit these acts, and those that would defend people who do. And in this situation we would do that by instead of making excuses, working towards making sure the woman was heard, her story told, and investigated.

Men justifying other men’s bad behavior is a problem, and it is more than reasonable for women to have had enough of it.

Below is why men need to shut up, and step up.


If this were about holding someone accountable she would have gone to the police. This is merely an attempt to smear the judge.


They only have our heads if we let them. **** these retrograde bigots.


One can tell if a statement such as this is bigoted simply by replacing the group.
“Women need to shut up and step up”. Sound sexist? Then so is her’s.
Identity politics, regardless of the source, is bigotry.


The context of your swap of words matter, mate.


Sure. If I’m talking about taking care of one’s children, and there’s a story about men not doing so, it fits. Same with women


click here google youtube blacks stupid?


So selective quotes from a few members of a group are representative of all members of that group, mate?


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