Sen. Lemieux Will Request POTUS override Jones Act Today

Sen. Lemieux of Florida will be requesting that the Jones Act be ignored so that the oil skimmers can get access to the Gulf spill. The Senator was interviewed on Fox and Friends this AM.

He met last week with the POTUS. Unbelievable as it may sound, Obama actually told him the skimmers couldn’t be realeased because they might be needed for an oil spill???!!!
And what exactly is this thing in the Gulf?

There is a monster skimmer, The Whale, from Taiwan which has been sitting in a Virginia dock for the last month waiting for permission. It is on its way now but doesn’t know if it will be able to work unless the POTUS overrides the Jones Act. Thing could clean up the mess like a lawnmower riding over grass.

Dutch skimmers sat on stand-by since May 4 waiting to help. Check below.

These people in our government that delayed this need to be FIRED!!

Where is the right on this? I don’t see anyone screaming to impeach him like the left was always screaming to impeach Bush. If nothing else he should be impeached on grounds of dereliction of duty…total incompetence. Doesn’t matter how intelligent or articulate this guy is. He has (for whatever reason) stopped any real help at every turn. I am starting to wonder WHY?

The progressives have no common sense (I’m not talking Democratic Party here, as they have hijacked the Democratic Party- I’m talking PROGRESSIVES)…not in their vocabulary. Oh yeah, I guess they do say that about people with mucho brains…no common sense.:rolleyes: Seems to me you need some of that to run a country effectively.

And which union would that be that has any relation to the Gulf? The Seafarers International Union didn’t contribute to his campaign; it keeps Republicans in it’s pocket not Democrats.

I would suggest reading this. Links to their sources are supplied with in their writings.

This has nothing to do with unions. They’re losing their jobs, homes, and way of life too. This is about the incompetence of the POTUS.

If a CEO was in charge of this, we’d be screaming for his head. Tony Hayward for example. But nothing has been done about the ineptness of heads of our own government. I guess there will be another series of Congressional inquieries re. who is responsible. Congress better start looking at the POTUS because that is where this buck definitely stops with him.

From the first article referenced, they are not 100% positive the A Whale will work…I would say go for it, anything at this point is worth a try…but more importantly, the owner of this thing wants to recoup some of his money he will spend in this project…I can’t say as I blame him…but BP is not yet committed to pony up on the deal. Which brings us back to the problem of money…or the lack of it by our Government or anyone elses in the world at this point. We have spent it all on ??? creating jobs???:banghead:

Have you read anywhere where the POTUS came out and said, “We got to live with this because we’re broke?”

Hasn’t Obama been given credit for supposedly arm wrestling BP to coughing up 20 billion? A lot more jobs would have been saved if these ships sitting here (the Dutch since May 4) were utilized.

The article you cited of June 23 stated in part “The Jones Act is currently not applicable, The federal government has taken steps to expedite the waiver process should the oil spill response require a Jones Act waiver for trade and commerce.” Today, Sen. Lemieux is again attempting to get the fed to act. It is now June 28.

Also article states that as of June 23, five offers were accepted.

Apparently, the Jones Act is not a deterrant for the POTUS to tell the Taiwan ship, The Whale, sitting in Virginia, to go on down there. The Dutch ships were waiting since May 4. Why not go with the best in this situation especially if the Jones Act was not a problem? What was the problem? Obama.

The process provided for in the Jones Act for granting a waiver is actually rather lengthy. A request for a waiver has to be submitted to U.S. Customs and Border Protection which then goes to the U.S. Maritime Administration. The U.S. Maritime Administration must sift throught a list of every ship in the American fleet to see if an American ship can provide the same services. If they don’t find one then a waiver is granted. The President’s hands are tied as the process itself cannot be waived except in the case of national defense. He’s acting within the confines of the law so it’s up to Congress to ammend it so the process can be streamlined or waived in the event of a natural or manmade disaster.

The Department of Envioronmental Protection should have anticipated an oil spill. It certainly worries about oil and the caribou in Alaska. This should have been brought to the attention of the US government long ago. You have the fishing industries, tourism, local governments, environmentalists… all were aware that something like this could happen especially since it DID happend off the coast of Mexico in 1979. 160 miles of Texas beaches were effected 30 years ago.

There is NO excuse for this.

The administration is bound by the process required by this law since an oil spill is not a threat to national security. I agree that there’s no excuse for not ammending this law back then and there’s no excuse for Congress twiddling it’s thumbs on the issue now. Instead of squaking demands that the President violate federal law this Congressman should be drafting and proposing an amendment to that law which would give the President the authority to issue a blanket waiver.


Pathetic. Stimulus to create jobs and here we are ruining fishing. Believe I read that the oysters effected from the 1979 Mexican oil spill still taste of oil. That’s over 30 years ago.

Eliminating the farm waste which is a result of excessive fertilizer used to grow crops (corn and soy beans) for ethanol would help to reduce the dead area considerably. It would reduce the oxygen sucking bacteria, allow it to consume the oil and eliminate the dead zone earlier. Guess common sense isn’t too common.

Above gives a time line re. spill and you can click on wildlife to see how it is being effected.

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