Sen. McCain Says Republicans Will Block All Court Nominations If Clinton Wins


Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) said Monday that if Hillary Clinton is elected, Republicans will unite to block anyone she nominates to the Supreme Court.

Speaking on WPHT-AM radio’s “Dom Giordano Program” in Philadelphia, McCain pledged to obstruct any Clinton Supreme Court nomination for the current or any future vacancy.




I’m surprised that John McCain would be the one to make this announcement.


Yeah right. Tough talk-no action!


Reminds me of 2008 on Inauguration night when Republicans were holed up in DC planning strategy to fight our new President Obama on everything. What a sad commentary this is for our nation.


Yeah, and they’re going to reduce the size of government too!

Sorry, been lied to too many times.




Did you believe though that Republicans would stick to blocking Merrick Garland?


His office later walked back the comment, according to NPR, saying that McCain “will, of course, thoroughly examine the record of any Supreme Court nominee put before the Senate and vote for or against that individual based on their qualifications.”

Asked Tuesday if Lee backs McCain’s original statement about blocking all Clinton nominees should she win, the Utah Republican said the Senate will vet the next president’s choice.

“Of course we will look at anyone who might be nominated by the next president,” Lee said in a statement. “Whether that nominee will be confirmed is an entirely different question — one that can’t be answered in the abstract.”

For his part, Hatch — the former chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee who has long held he will vote for a nominee unless that person is unqualified for the job — will look at any appointment, especially if Clinton is elected, according to Rob Porter, his chief of staff.

“Senator Hatch takes seriously his responsibility to evaluate each nomination carefully, especially for the Supreme Court,” Porter said. “Close scrutiny of any future Hillary Clinton nominee will be particularly critical since she has advocated shifting the court to the left and has a history of politicizing judicial matters, including having voted 23 times as a senator to filibuster qualified Republican nominees.”


John McCain is right: Senate Republicans could block a Clinton Supreme Court nominee indefinitely


Maybe for the sake of political optics, but they would approve the next moderate candidate which was put forth.

Our political parties have become consumed with increasing governmental power regardless of the consequences to the nation. As such, they will continue to put people like John Roberts on the court who can be presented as a conservative or somewhat a Constitutionalist, but whose opinions support the government doing what it wants.

Thanks for asking.


How long can a block go on? If we have Republicans in control of anything. We have been the party of no.! Some people may think the negative Congress members should be voted out. WHEN TRUMP WINS, PLEASE GOD and evolves into a devout Christian, will Congress help him put good things through? Will they torture him foe winning.
in Christ’s love


Well, how long have Democrats blocked Republican court nominees?


If you don’t fix the system ,the system remains unfixed,
So Fix it Freddy,fix it


I have absolutely no confidence that Republicans will (or can) block all court nominations. They will be bribed or blackmailed into going along with the Democrats, as they have been for years. The system is broken and I don’t think it’s fixable.


I like McCain but does he speak for all Republican senators?


That’s a good way to get voted out. I don’t know if the Supreme Court would tolerate this kind of action, even if the voters did. I don’t think the voters would. The current recalcitrance is bad enough.

The Constitution gives the President the authority to appoint judges to the Supreme Court. If the President nominates candidates and the Congress refuses to give consent to anyone or to even hold hearings, they are usurping that authority.

I cannot see how the Supreme Court would allow this.


I doubt that he speaks for the ones up for election right now.


Actually Congress decides how many justices there are to be on the Supreme Court. It is a fallacy thinking we must have nine always. If we are to live with 8 or 7 or 6, so be it.


Wrong, the Senate does not serve as a rubber stamp for the President. The Constitution gives the President the power to nominate judges. The Senate has the power to advise and consent. Given that there is nothing in the Constitution mandating that 9 justices be on the SCOTUS, the Senate can advise the President that the Court is too large and that they would rather not have the SCOTUS packed with candidates selected by a corrupt traitor.

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