Sen. Mike Lee accuses Democrats of being on the side of ‘dimwitted’ violent protesters

Sen. Mike Lee accuses Democrats of being on the side of ‘dimwitted’ violent protesters

By Dennis Romboy@dennisromboy Jul 2, 2020, 12:39pm MDT

SALT LAKE CITY — Sen. Mike Lee charged Senate Democrats with being on the side of violent protesters he described as “dimwitted, phony drama addicts” for opposing his resolution Thursday condemning “mob violence” in the wake of nationwide demonstrations over the police killing of George Floyd.

The Utah Republican’s comments came on the Senate floor during a heated debate with Sen. Bob Menendez after the New Jersey Democrat objected to the resolution, effectively killing it.

Menendez wanted to add a line saying specifically the president should not incite violence or legitimize those who engage in hate-fueled acts, noting President Donald Trump recently retweeted video of someone yelling “white power” and white people pointing guns at peaceful protesters.


Well, objecting to incitement of violence and legitimization of hate should certainly be punished by junior-high-level name-calling. :roll_eyes:

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What was said was outrageous, and had one of us said the same thing here it would be a violation of community guidelines.


Can anybody name one prominent Democrat who has clearly condemned the violence, riots, and destruction of property by the protesters? I’m not saying every Democrat has been entirely silent, but they certainly haven’t been very outspoken against the actions of the hooligans.
Pelosi? Biden? Schumer? Anybody?
This is a serious question.


It just shows that Democrsts are not acting in good faith. They don’t really care about inciting violence; otherwise, they would have agreed to the measure condemning violent protestors.

Dems have this obsessive need to turn everything into a jab at Trump because their own policies have led to the terrible state in which we find the country today.


Just off the top of my head the democratic governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky condemned them when they became news.

As a Democrat, I’m hard pressed to find someone in my party that actually supports violence. Thank goodness.

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Well, the mayors of your party have done an incredibly good job of allowing it to happen, complicit by requiring their police to stand down.


As they should. The right to assemble is the arch freedom immediately following the greatest - the freedom of speech.

I think the owner of the Wendy’s, Target, and numerous minority owned businesses That were looted would disagree with the characterization That this was right to assemble. I suspect that property owners in the area know as Chop would also not characterize such domestic terrorism that way either.
Where protests were peaceful, good for them.
Where they were protesting yet another episode of a government agent under the direction of a progressive Democrat abusing the rights of an American citizen, I stand with them.


You’re generalizing peaceful assembly with the much fewer instances of violence. I understand - the violent ones are what salacious media uses to sell their agenda to us.

The idea that we can only assemble if we look, speak, dress and act in a manner some particular faltering power-group finds appropriate is precisely the obelisk we’re tearing down - and hallelujah!

As to the instances of violence - I suggest you treat those in the same manner you’d treat any malfeasance perpetrated in the groups you hold dear. Hang the perpetrator, not those that were ideologically nearby.

Ah, so police brutality in Republican districts like Kansas, Georgia, and Texas is more acceptable to you? :crazy_face:

Until Dem meltdown 2: electric Boogaloo?

I’m so ready


Brace yourself. The Age of Biden draws.

The Don ain’t looking so good in polls right now. That can change, but it won’t.

Right now it’s looking like a Trump landslide.

Polls are still massively undersampling people without degrees, which accounted for the very poor performance of various surveys in 2016.

For reference, the Trump-Biden gap is smaller than the Trump-Hillary gap around this time 4 years ago

What do you read? Breitbart?

When even Fox News admits Biden has a clear lead, it’s a long-established fact.

This is 4 hours old.

Again, the Age of Biden is coming. Get ready.

Might not be bad to be the underdog.

No, seriously?

False. I was very specific to describe the difference. I even said I support the right to protest and support the cause I mentioned. Peaceful protest does not include;
Violence. Burning property. Looting. Blocking traffic. Destruction of property. Vandalism.

One can look, dress and protest in anyway one wants as long as the rights of others are not violated, as I stated above.

I do. The Virginia gun rights protest, for example. Ant of those things happen there? If they did, arrest and prosecute.
Do you agree? Or are the things I mentioned okay with you?

If police brutality takes place there, it should be dealt with by law. That would typically happen in places like Houston or Atlanta which have progressive Democrat mayors. Either way, Agents of government do not have a legitimate power to abuse the rights of citizens.

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Nope. You specifically said “I think the owner of the Wendy’s, Target, and numerous minority owned businesses That were looted would disagree with the characterization That this was right to assemble.”

Textbook generalization on your part that I was rightly identifying and criticizing.

What was at issue was your odd association of of “yet another episode of a government agent… abusing the rights of an American citizen” with “under the direction of a progressive Democrat”.

There are two reasons the association is senseless.

  1. Densely populated areas tend toward the more intensive approach to government espoused by the Democratic party for the same reason instruction manuals grow larger as machines grow larger and more complicated.
    More and more people living in a fixed space inherently requires more and more rules to govern human interaction. To further illustrate, a county in Montana where residents live hundreds of yards, if not miles, from each other does not require a governmental noise ordinance. But a city packed with apartment buildings were different families live and sleep within mere feet of one another does require the additional governmental bureaucracy of noise ordinances.

  2. The suggestion that the protested police brutality is the dominion of progressive democrats is… just… tragically false. Many examples involve the state police in states controlled by Republicans or local police in cities/counties/parishes also controlled by Republicans.

When being victimized by the police, who does one call? The police?
I hope you see the problem there…

And if you’re implying that individuals should engage civil government to curtail or reform the power of the police, then that’s what is happening. Part of that process is represented by current demonstrations that are overwhelmingly peaceful. And when violence does occur, it’s performed by a few bad actors. Just like the bad behaviors of one bad Anglican priest doesn’t invalidate the entire Continuing Anglican Communion, the bad behaviors of a few bad protestors doesn’t invalidate an entire protest, like CHOP. To think otherwise is just fallacious generalization…

If I were a Senator, would I be given a pass for calling those with opposing views “dimwitted” here, or am I restricted to just thinking it? 118 days…Tick Tock

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Yes. I was very specific. Not a generalization at all. I think it is likely, however, that there are some who think these are appropriate ways to protest. They are the ones conflating the two.

That’s not odd at all. That’s exactly what happens. Who is the mayor Chauvin worked for? What political party is the mayor a member of? Is not a police officer an agent of the government?

So you think it is okay for an agent of a progressive Democrat to at as Chauvin did because it is a large metropolitan area?

It is factually true. There is no disputing it. Answer my questions above.

So you think Keith Ellison isn’t part of the law enforcement system?

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