Sen. (R) Lindsey Graham: Trump should apologize for pushing birther conspiracy



Donald Trump should apologize for pushing the “unseemly” birther conspiracy regarding where President Barack Obama was born, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham indicated Tuesday.

Trump last week explicitly acknowledged that Obama was born in the U.S., though he went on to blame Hillary Clinton for igniting the so-called “birther” controversy despite no evidence and refused to apologize for questioning the validity of the country’s first black president.

“I would apologize,” Graham, a frequent and colorful Trump critic, told Bloomberg Politics on Tuesday. “I think the whole movement was unseemly. I had a lot of distaste for it. No factual basis. I think he would be taking the high ground, but that’s up to him.”

Graham referred to the birther conspiracy as a “fringe issue” that he didn’t take seriously and said Trump didn’t do “the country a service by pushing this.”

Graham, a former GOP presidential candidate, has encouraged other Republicans to un-endorse Trump and hinted that the next president will likely be a “she,” though he has said he won’t vote for either candidate.


You just watch, If Clinton is elected the states will call for an article 5 CCC within I year of her election.


so why isn’t he asking Hillary or Sydney Blumenthal to apologize?


Sour grapes because Graham was not the candidate. :rolleyes:


Paul Kengor in one of his books makes a good point that President Obama is related to Frank Marshal Davis. They sure look alike.


You got it


That and also Grahm is establishment just like HC.Trump is an interloper and the old guard resents him like crazy


I think that is true as well! :thumbsup:


Paul Kengor is a great writer.

In addition, he has been on BookTV and does a great job there. Anyone interested can view his book discussions there on line.

BTW, Kengor is Catholic.


He does look like Frank Marshall Davis, but he acts like Barack Obama Sr.; go figure. :ehh:


The other day, I marked an article … on an opinion of the origins of racism … and how Obama expended a LOT of energy exploring and accepting that definition.

I will relook for it.

Maybe I can post it tomorrow.


Critical Race Theory.

From Critical Legal Studies.

Derrick Bell.

pages 106 - 107.

“See No Evil”

by Joel B. Pollack


For some people, their highest value is doing whatever it takes to get sympathy.

They do not want to improve themselves [or anyone else].

They just want sympathy.


Trump should apologize for all his other conspiracy theories while he is about it.


I Googled this, it led me to the Catechism. But I did not have the part, section, or chapter number, so I do not know if you mean “THE MORALITY OF THE PASSIONS”, “HE DESCENDED INTO HELL. ON THE THIRD DAY HE ROSE AGAIN”, or “THE ANOINTING OF THE SICK”…

Note: Although all of these may seem apropos to many on some level…

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