Sen. Shelby: Alabama deserves better


Alabama voters deserve to be able to elect someone better than EITHER of the candidates.


I would like to say “ditto for the U.S. last November.”

But I think the truth is we get what we deserve when it comes to elected officials.

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Well yes.

In a normal world, it would have been a safe Republican seat if a normal republican ran.

But we’re past normal and entered the twilight zone where someone like Bannon criticizes someone like Romney.

Establishment doesn’t like it when outsiders shake things up. Not very shocking.

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An easy solution for this later down the road? More political parties. Less domination by the Rs and the Ds.

What makes Roy Moore an outsider? Is it that he got removed from the bench twice that makes him an outsider?

And we can see how that is working in Germany right now.

His opinions largely.

But that doesn’t fix anything…America deserved better than Clinton and Trump, but that didn’t work out well.

There doesn’t seem to be anything particularly wrong with Jones as a candidate except that he has a D after his name, so the Democrats did their job by nominating a candidate that has no moral issues that represents the party’s point of view.

I think Senator Shelby should be honest and say that Alabama deserves a better Republican candidate that isn’t a child molester instead of falsely blaming both parties.

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Sadly this is almost impossible in the US system. The first past the post system of voting makes it so that two major parties vie for the middle ground. Various party laws have entrenched the current parties and makes them hard if not impossible to root out.

The other party has a nominee who is pro-abortion. That is a significant moral issue.

No personal moral issues. Like being a child molester.

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They certainly don’t like it when someone accused of sexually interfering with teenagers looks like they have a shot at victory.

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Considering what’s been revealed through the Pizzagate investigations, I am pretty sure that is not something they care about at all. In fact, the majority of them probably prefer it that way. Easier to control someone with skeletons like that hidden away.

And what exactly was revealed through the Pizzagate “investigation”. It was a scam, a fib, fake news, a load of nonsense.

Tin foil time. Bigly.

Do you think that that is an honest characterization?

Although there were once laws against adultery, I suspect you would have a hard time finding anyone who supports such laws now. Do you think it would be honest to characterize those against such laws as pro-adultery?

Too much to categorize easily. Basically a massive sex-trafficking/child porn ring involving all levels of government.

I’m going to hazard a guess and say you’ve never seen the evidence and so really don’t know what you’re talking about. Very few people have seen the evidence, as there was never an official investigation, either by the media or the government.

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