Senate approves resolution condemning white supremacist groups


The Senate easily passed a resolution on Monday condemning white supremacist organizations and urging President Trump to speak out against hate groups.


I guess it’s easier for Senators to pass feel good resolutions than to actually get their job done.


Many people think that building a border wall with Mexico would also be a “feel good” action without much impact. However the border wall costs a lot more money to feel good than a measure denouncing supremacist groups.


so you agree the resolution is no more than a “feel good” measure?


“Many people think that building a border wall with Mexico would also be a “feel good” action without much impact.”

Actually, as Mexico has withdrawn its offer of aid to Texas, it does have a lot of impact:


Mexico withdrawing its offer because it now needs the resources itself to deal with its own disaster is related to a border wall how?


Because that’s not the reason why and because it reflects 45’s pattern of hateful anti-Mexico/anti-Latino rhetoric, that’s why. Do I need to page Captain Obvious?


Feel good, to some extent. But it also puts on the record the Senate’s displeasure with the Administration’s ephemeral response to the events around Charlottesville.


the article you linked to says what i said: Here it is for you again

"Mexico withdrew its offer to help areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey after facing a devastating natural disaster of its own last week, CNBC reported Monday, citing a statement from the state’s foreign ministry.

After an earthquake rocked southern Mexico late last week, the government rescinded its offer so it could focus emergency services for the millions of people in need of assistance in its own country."


When the Congress can all agree on something it is either useless or stupid. I’d put this in the useless category.


So what, it was not that many years ago that the KKK wielded great power in DC, just goes to show you how quickly things can change.


When has the senate done anything that is actually productive? Most of the things the senate does brings harm onto the citizens to the US. So while I agree that is this a feel good measure and nothing else. I would rather have the Senate do this than to have them do something that actually places burdens on the American people.


It amuses to see “white supremacy” condemned by congress. How many honest-to-goodness “white supremacists” actually exist in the U.S.? Is such a declaration really worth their time when there has not been “de jure” supremacy for about 60 years anywhere in the U.S. and when everybody and his brother denies having the slightest tinge of racism?

On the other hand, one not infrequently sees gleeful (and racist) declarations that “the U.S. is no longer a white country” or that it won’t be soon, with grim suggestions that whites need to be wary of a reckoning when that day comes.

I think the race-obsessed would do the nation a lot more good by simply shutting up. But I realize it’s a political tactic, so…


actually previous sections of border wall have been shown to have a significant impact on reducing crossings in that area.


That may be, but the consequences of those border crossings on people living in most of the US may not have been as large as some make them out to be. And the cost-effectiveness of such a measure, even if it has an effect, is not even addressed.


No defensive wall is ever good for anything without defenders. One assumes the Border Patrol would be strengthened and given better authority and detection equipment.

One might then wonder whether, with the increased number and capabilities of defenders, etc, the wall itself would even be necessary. I guess such experts as there are will be debating that. Israel at least claims its wall has served a useful purpose in keeping terrorists out.


This is gesture politics. I’m a white European and I can honestly say that most whites are terrified of being labelled racist. However, I’ve met many non-whites who’ve openly expressed racist comments. I hate all racism but I think it’s unfair to perpetuate the belief that only white people can be racist.


I have yet to meet anyone of any race of whom it could be said that in no way is the person racist. I realize most of us resist ever acting on it in any manner, and that’s a good thing. But even when we’re absolutely convinced we have no racism in us at all, we still do.


That depends on how you define the term ‘racist.’ Speaking as a white man, I know I don’t believe any race is superior to any other. I also find black and brown women attractive and wouldn’t hesitate to date them. I define ‘racist’ as the belief that your race is genetically superior and that miscegenation is to be opposed. Since I’m Catholic, I believe that all races are descended from Adam and Eve and that we’re all the same. I never judge anyone by their colour, but I oppose certain cultures e.g. Muslim culture that subjugates women.


The history of the success of defensive walls in general is a dubious one. The Great Wall of China did not ultimately protect China from its northern neighbors, such that the final Imperial Dynasty wasn’t Chinese at all.

Even other somewhat less ambitious walls like Hadrian’s Wall or Offa’s Dyke had only limited success. I guess probably the most successful was the Berlin Wall, but there were enough porous borders between the Warsaw Pact and the West that the Berlin Wall was more a symbol than an effective means of containing and protecting Eastern Europe.

The better solution is to work to make Mexico an economic success, to find ways to help it deal with systemic corruption and crime, thus giving Mexicans no particular reason to even want to cross the border. It has worked fairly well along the US’s northern border. It’s not as if there are millions of Canadians trying to get into the US, and that’s because Canada’s standard of living and general economic conditions are close enough to the US’s that it’s hard to imagine any large number of Canadians trying to sneak across the border. Your basically left with smuggling as the primary reason anyone tries to get across the US-Canada border illicitly.

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