Senate approves resolution condemning white supremacist groups


This makes perfect sense.

As a European I’d also love it if the USA would make it easier for us to move to the States. I see the US as the only hope for Western/Christian civilisation and I wish I could move there and avail myself of the great opportunities and freedoms you possess. I’ve visited the USA multiple times and so many Americans don’t realise the opportunities that are available to them. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are fantastic and the American Dream is available to anyone who wants it. Americans would be shocked if they lived in Europe and had to deal with ‘big brother.’


yes because the left at charlottesville was so innocent.

why can’t we see evil for what it is? it doesn’t matter what they wear or side they take? antifa came with an agenda as evil as the white supremacist.

there were also people there with good intentions on both sides but that doesn’t fit the never trump narrative.


They didn’t kill anyone. The side that organized the demonstration did.


They weren’t innocent, but I tend to be a bit more understanding of people who battle Nazis.

Whatever evil Antifa is guilty of, and I do condemn their actions, their motives are certainly a lot better than the White Supremacists.

I had a great uncle who went to Spain to fight the Nationalists. I think he was a naive young man at the time, and he spent most of his time in Spain in a prison cell, but it’s hard to condemn his contempt for the Spanish Nationalists, and history has by and large shown Franco to have been a pretty darned awful man.

I’m curious though, what kinds of good intentions would you ascribe to Nazis?


Well the other side had a flame thrower on people. They were being violent and engaging in behavior that could have killed someone. They also were attacking the guy’s car. I haven’t ever heard the guy who killed the girls account. It seems he was there for the rally. But as to what happened to cause him to hit those people I don’t know. He may have been panicked due to people attacking them. If he had just walked up to a person minding their own business and shot them then there would be little doubt. But what did happen is murky.

I don’t know. The White Supremacists, which I have no reason to believe was the totality of the group for the statue, generally assemble peacefully. Antifa is almost always violent when they assemble. Their motives seem to be to deprive people of their property, shout down dissent, and commit acts of violence.


And where do you get that from from their motives? It’s not as anti-fascist organizations are anything new. They’ve been around, in one form or another, since the 1930s, and even then there were violent clashes between American fascists and American anti-fascists. Heck, Woody Guthrey had “this machine kills Fascists” written on every guitar he ever owned.

Whatever Antifa stands for, it certainly doesn’t stand for the superiority of the white race or the desire to see America made white and other races either subdued or removed. Antifa isn’t a noble organization, but you can’t tell me it’s anywhere near as evil and monstrous as the various strains of American White Supremacists.


so non-lethal violence is ok?

how bad can the left hurt someone before you consider it wrong?


They seem to be socialists/fascists themselves, so they want to deprive people of their property. I’ve seen lots of video of them shouting down or trying to intimidate people who disagree with them. Also they specifically show up to ‘counter protest’. So they don’t respect free speech. And I’ve seen them commit lots of acts of violence.

Actually, Antifa can easily be as bad or worse than White Supremacists. They are clearly more numerous for one thing. So it seems to me numerically the greater threat is Antifa versus the hobgoblin of White Supremacists.


tell me what do they stand for?

they appear at most rallies not just white supremacist. berkeley was about free speech. look at the violence and damage they caused.

the funny thing is most of the time they are interviewed one-on-one they don’t have a clue what they stand for; just never-trump


They are as ignorant as any White Supremacists that is for sure. How I could see them as worse is they seem to stand for chaos and violence for its own sake. The White Supremacists at least want order.


Videos from the alt-right side have surfaced and they don’t sound like a group that are concerned about statues. One guy brags loudly about how he stomped that n****r. Chat logs have surfaced showing that they were planning for violence. You can’t tell me that the leftist side was worse or as bad as that.

The only arrests for assault that I know of were Nazis. Were any leftists or “antifa” arrested for assault? If not, why? Many people were posting the pictures of the white supremacists in an effort to identify them so law enforcement can be notified. Shawn King played a part in some of the Nazis getting arrested. If the leftists were just as bad why hasn’t there been a similar action taken against them? Doesn’t the alt-right have activists that can help identify the antifa folks that committed violence so law enforcement can get involved?


I still don’t get where you say they want to deprive people of their property. I imagine there are some Communists among them, so strictly speaking, yes, some would like to see the means of production turned over to the “People”, but do you have some data suggesting they all want to remove the right of property?

Do you have some evidence that Antifa is more dangerous than White Supremacists. In the US, at least, White Supremacists are responsible for the larger number of murders than left wing extremists.


The chat logs I mentioned above have a lot of talk of hitting protesters with cars. Apparently it’s a right wing meme with the 4 Chan folks.


I’m sure they were planning on violence, from Antifa.

The only arrests for violence were ‘Nazis’ because Antifa is being given free reign. Why weren’t these activists trying to find the Black man with a flame thrower? He should be jailed too. Violence shouldn’t be political, but it is.


Did he kill anybody?


Well that is eliminating property rights. Its a really popular concept these days. Antifa isn’t alone. The whole Democrat party and half the Republican are on board.

The ADL is like the SPLC, a joke. I’d say Nazis are ‘left wing’ because they are Nazis which are socialists. The whole attempt to divide groups into left and right wing is kinda pointless. I simply think Antifa is violent and because they are allowed, and even encouraged to be violent, they are a greater threat then the minuscule ‘White Supremacists’. Who is worse doesn’t matter. They both are wrong.


Why would that matter? Only one person killed someone. So are we only arresting people for killing now? Apparently not.


The statement I was responding to was about the comparative culpability of the two sides. My response was not intended to be any kind of absolute judgement, but was meant as a comment on the question of comparative culpability.


Perhaps they believe he was acting in self defense. I honestly don’t know though. I’ve seen the photo of that guy but it’s hard to tell what’s going on. One guy seems to be going at him with a flag and he is going at him with a burning hair spray can. Both look like they can be offensive or defensive. But, if it’s important to you and other supporters of the alt-right you can start an online campaign like Shaun King and others.

Antifa is a threat to white nationalists and Nazis. White nationalists and Nazis are a threat to everybody.


Really, can you show where the Democratic Party wants to revoke property rights? Is it a part of their platform?

They didn’t gather the statistics, they just reported on them. Do you disagree with the statistics? Do you have a better source?

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