Senate approves resolution condemning white supremacist groups


Well, I consider Antifa a threat to me based on the violence they’ve demonstrated.

Probably part of their platform. They are socialists hence wanting to take property.

Then go to the only source, the FBI uniform crime report. Even that has serious issues. I don’t agree or disagree with the statistics as I ignore the ADL.


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Probably part of their platform. They are socialists hence wanting to take property.[/quote]

So can you point me to the official platform of the Democratic Party where they say they wish to eliminate property rights?


Let’s try a few simple thoughts. First there is right and there is wrong, hating people for who they innately are is wrong period. This is not “Left” or “Right” nor is there anyone with “good” intentions here. Silent protests, vigils, and prayer services are not “Left”, don’t argue there weren’t many because I know for sure there were many. Show me one candle vigil (torches don’t count) that the White Supremacists had. There is no reason to turn this into some left vs right violence fiasco, it obscures the real issue here.


So long as one country is giving away more free stuff than another country, or pays a higher wage, there is incentive for illegal immigration. We need borders since such differences will persist for at least the next millennia.

I’m all for helping improve their local governance but nobody seems to have that one figured out yet.


So you agree a border wall has an impact but you want economic benefits analysis completed, by the economist of your choosing?

The problem with such analysis is how much everything is interwoven. Illegal immigration is down simply due to the PR that Trump put out there. Much of the real work is done well behind the wall, but the wall does help.


right and wrong are subjective especially in this day and age. on the left abortion is right and on the right abortion is wrong. it is not as simple as you want it to be.

hate is also subjective. is it ok to hate nazi ideology that killed millions but not ok to hate communist ideology that killed tens of millions of their own countrymen?

what does antifa stand for? why do they support communist symbolism? they appear at various rallies not just white supremacist. what about the violence and destruction in berkeley? a free speech event. they are not innocent. they are the brown shirts of yesteryear.

everyone on the left is not antifa and everyone on the right is not a white supremacist.

thay all were there


You ask what good intentions could be ascribed to the Nazis…they fought against the Marxists/Leninists/Socialists/Communists who eventually took over Russia & China, killing an additional tens of millions of innocent people.

Conversely, about the only good thing the Marxists/Leninists/Socialists/Communists did was fight against the Nazis.

Both are evil. Just like today, the extreme right wing white supremacists are evil (all 300 of them who showed up at the largest white supremacist gathering in decades), AND the left wing socialists/communists/anarchists are acting in an evil manner.


Here’s the problem. Some people, and your comments seem to support that you are one of them, are looking for a moral equivalent to counter the White Supremacists as if one tribe needs to have an equally bad guy from the other tribe to counter. This is not so. It is possible to find White Supremacists, “militias”, “antifa”, etc. repugnant no matter what your political views. There also doesn’t need to be moral equivalency either.

For what its worth, the second Republican dominated legislative body, the house just passed a similar resolution.


Everyone acts in an “evil manner” on occasion. But there’s making the error of believing the ends justify the means, and then there’s the evil that comes from have evil ends in mind.


What do you think white supremacy means? Do you recognize the white supremacists who post here?

On the other hand, one not infrequently sees gleeful (and racist) declarations that “the U.S. is no longer a white country” or that it won’t be soon, with grim suggestions that whites need to be wary of a reckoning when that day comes.

Where do you see this? Are these words placed in the mouths of some by the right fringe? Presumably you can document such not infrequent observations


As from humanity perspective,what makes Nazism intolerable is that it came from the State. It was the State meant to protect that exerted the worst of evils on their people.
Nazi symbols,and any.memory to support the evil that took place is banned in many countries in the world.
And rightly so.
If there is a hierarchy of evil,this one comes from the ones who held the most power to avoid it.
It is what they represent.

PS: I am not American,and this does nit support the other group which I do not know.


i agree, i have been against antifa since the violence and destruction at berkeley. i have been against white supremacist for decades.

i have issues with the defining of all the alt-right as white supremacist when many are just strict constitutionalist. some on the right weren’t there to support the nazi but to support their right to assemble. these can not be lumped in with the nazi.

i can disagree with what you say but i can defend your right to say it!


I’m sorry. If you march with Nazis, then you count yourself among them. One can support freedom of speech, even the freedom of Nazi’s to utter the evil rhetoric. The ACLU has done just that. But what the ACLU does not do is join a pack of White Supremacists, Klansmen and Neo-Nazis in a rally.

Those people who marched with the White Supremacists made their choice, and even if I despise Antifa’s methods, their hatred of White Supremacy is righteous is something all right-thinking people share.

And really, Charlottetown is nothing new. Antifa’s predecessors have been brawling with the modern White Supremacy movement’s antecedents since before the Second World War. Why suddenly this moral equivalency appears is beyond. Condemn Antifa’s methods, they are criminal and really not all that helpful, but keep in mind the Allied Nations nearly bombed Germany into the ground because of that most evil of ideologies; the belief in the supremacy of the Aryan, and everything that went with it.

There is no moral equivalency between Antifa and Neo-Nazis, and I cannot imagine why anyone would want to assert it. And if you raise your banner along side those evil people, then I will judge you as their friend and ally.


communist did the same thing and killed more people in more countries.

the antifa is full of communist symbolism and are just as bad as the neo-nazi. you deny the truth when you give one the moral high ground.


Maybe the White Supremacists and Nazis were the ones joining the march. A narrative has been created that all the march was for Nazis or White Supremacists. I don’t know what the basis for that claim is.

No, the Allies didn’t bomb Germany because they were White Supremacists. All the Allies were White Supremacists by today’s standard.


communist and nazi are morally equivalent.


This isn’ t moral ground. The reason to be of nazism was annihilation. Structural corruption. Something rotten to the core.
This is worse than ideology.


Sorry, I’m not going to throw Marxism in the same boat as Nazism. Marxism is naive and wrongheaded, which is why it has always ended up being authoritarian, and yes, outright destructive (Mao’s Great Leap Forward, for instance, is responsible for the largest mass death in history). But Marx was no Hitler, and while he was deluded, he didn’t seek the death of millions. Nazism was an expressly, even proudly evil ideology.

And really, I doubt there are that many Communists in Antifa, so this is again just an attempt at trying to tar the opponents of Neo-Nazis, White Supremcists and Klansmen with the same brush.

I just cannot fathom this desire for the moral equivalency. Why would anyone want to defend White Supremacists, even in the backhanded way of calling their opponents evil?


Yes,I am with you.
Not going into that comparison either.


so communism is better? how?

how many people died under their own communist leaders? millions more than under hitler. to give one a higher moral ground is insane.

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