Senate approves resolution condemning white supremacist groups


They were planning it as a white supremacist rally and were planning on violence. We know this now, it’s not a theory.

Leaked Chats Show Charlottesville Marchers Were Planning for Violence

Well before a white nationalist “Unite the Right” demonstration turned deadly in Charlottesville this month, attendees were planning for violence, according to leaked online chats. In private chat channels, they shared advice on weaponry and tactics, including repeatedly broaching the idea of driving vehicles through opposition crowds. After the vehicular attack which killed counterprotestor Heather Heyer, users of the channel celebrated the event.


Who is ‘they’? As I understand it the event was spearheaded by a Unite the Right group. I don’t know that this group is a White Supremacist group.

It could certainly be that some of those planning to attend did discuss violence. Anyone who planned to attend should have because we know the counter protestors have been violent. It would be perfectly reasonable to discuss defending yourself against mob violence which is, by its very nature, deadly. This mob violence took place at many peaceful political rallies over the last two years.

The only practical way these folks attending the rally could commit violence is if others showed up to oppose them. If they were ignored then there wouldn’t be anyone to commit violence against. Moreover, if the police were actually useful for and intent on stopping violence then how could a rally turn violent?

This isn’t to say that White Supremacists don’t practice violence. They do. But context does matter, even for them. Also, I wouldn’t doubt if there were agent provocateurs involved in both sides.


How can you stand up for Antifa? They’re known to be a violent group that should be labeled a terrorist group. They do not allow freedom of assembly or speech and the last I heard these are supposed to be for all Americans. Also, it’s very odd that no one knows who they are and who’s behind them and there doesn’t seem to be any push to find out.


Here is a list of the “they”. Lots of well meaning statue lovers…

from the wiki:

Among the far-right groups engaged in organizing the march were the clubs of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer,[22] The Right Stuff,[23] the National Policy Institute,[24] and four groups that form the Nationalist Front:[21] the neo-Confederate League of the South,[21] the Traditionalist Workers Party,[25] Vanguard America,[25] and the National Socialist Movement.[21] Other groups involved in the rally were the Ku Klux Klan,[7] the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights,[25] Identity Evropa,[26] the American Guard,[27] the Detroit Right Wings,[28] the Rise Above Movement,[4] True Cascadia,[29] and Anti-Communist Action.[27]

Prominent far-right figures in attendance included National Policy Institute Chairman Richard Spencer,[30] entertainer Baked Alaska,[30] former Libertarian Party candidate Augustus Invictus,[31] former Klan Imperial Wizard David Duke,[32] Identity Evropa leader Nathan Damigo,[33] Traditionalist Youth Network CEO Matthew Heimbach,[30] Right Stuff founder Mike Enoch,[30] League of the South founder Michael Hill,[4] Red Ice host Henrik Palmgren,[34] Right Side Broadcasting Network host Nicholas Fuentes,[35] YouTube personality James Allsup,[35] editor Daniel Friberg,[36] former Business Insider CTO Pax Dickinson,[37] Right Stuff blogger Johnny Monoxide,[38] Daily Stormer writer Robert “Azzmador” Ray,[39] Daily Caller contributor and rally organizer Jason Kessler,[40] and Radical Agenda host Christopher Cantwell.[41][42] Gavin McInnes, the leader of the self-described “Western chauvinist” Proud Boys group, was invited to attend but declined because of an unwillingness “to be associated with explicit neo-Nazis.”[43] In June, ahead of the rally, McInnes declared that “we need to distance ourselves from them,” but “after backlash to the original disavowal flared-up from Alt-Right circles, the statement was withdrawn and replaced with another distancing the Proud Boys from the event yet also encouraging those who ‘feel compelled’ to attend.”[44]


Somehow many here are equating denouncing white supremacists and Nazis with loving antifa.

I have no love for them but I have more respect for a misguided group of naive anti-fascists than I do for actual fascists.


If you read the goals of the Nazi party, they were very socialist in nature, all about supporting the working man and down with the 1%


Look how righteous our senators are! Let us give them praise and offer them the places of honor in our synagogues!

Christi pax.


Weren’t the means of production owned by the state? That’s not exactly being pro-worker and not at all leftist. Leftist socialism is where the workers control the means of production, not the state.


I don’t doubt members of those groups or the individuals listed attended. But that doesn’t need really answer the question of who ‘they’ is. We don’t know how many who attended weren’t any of those people. It’s like with the pictures. I don’t doubt there were Nazi flags. I definitely don’t doubt there were Confederate flags. But what percentage of the protestors had either?

The media loves a single picture of a few guys with those flags. It makes that the entirety. It is biased reporting. We know that because when they report on for instance a gay pride event they don’t, or didn’t, show pictures of guys in thongs or leather. They show pictures of cute kids being indoctrinated. The other pictures would create a different narrative then they want.


Than give us some evidence of these non-racists that marched with the racists. Did they not feel odd surrounded by racist symbols and chants?

Those groups are the organizing groups. The main guy, despite formally being democrat, has ties to white supremacy. The Proud Boys group kicked Kessler out because of his racist views. Not exactly someone you want to be defending. Who were the good guys that were involved in Unite the Right?


why don’t you give us evidence that the majority of the signage was racist, not just snaps of a few fringe protesters.


I’ve been to gun shows before. They have Confederate flags and even Nazi flags for sale. It has never bothered me. I think I have some understanding of why people get into flying Nazi flags. Some of it is just to stir up controversy. Some of it is because of the taboo nature.

I don’t know exactly who made up the Unite the Right. And I’m not really interested in working it out to be honest. I oppose the iconoclasts who want to tear down all Confederate statues. I oppose violence from anyone. I oppose Nazis. I oppose Antifa. In as much as either were there I oppose both. I think it would be hard to get at the truth of what happened in Charlottesville because so many people are not committed to truth but to ideologies.


I gave a listing of the organizing groups. That’s who makes up Unite the Right. It was a white supremacist rally plain and simple. You can ignore facts if you want but they remain facts.


Maybe so. I’m not familiar with all the groups? Are you? White Supremacists are so few and powerless I just don’t keep up with them. That was a long list.


what do you know about them that you respect them so? what are their goals? what is the platform? who supports them? are they being paid to counter-rally?

they put out post calling for violence before most legal assemblies they show up at. free speech rallies have been cancelled just by their threats of violence (san fran & berkeley). neither group is on the splc hate list

they use communist symbology. look at the national antifa symbol and communist symbols from 1930 germany; notice the similarities. communist killed more people than the nazi. they are morally equivalent.




That should tell you how little I respect fascists, Nazis, nationalists, and white supremacists. It’s very easy to get me to respect anybody more than those groups.

Again, I’m not a supporter of antifa but I’m also not convinced there is actually an anitfa beyond people putting on masks and showing up. Could be wrong but I don’t think there’s a membership roll.

The link above confirms my suspicions. They seem to be anarchist in that there doesn’t seem to be a central leader/group directing all the others. I’m guessing each is completely autonomous. ETA: I’d say they are more of a movement than a group.


It is what it is. Definitely not what the Alt-Right tries to make them out to be.


Maybe they are the man who was Thursday? They definitely are a group. They act together. How do they come to act together if they are not a group? They may be loosely organized but they are organized.

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