Senate approves resolution condemning white supremacist groups


now all the senate has to do is pass a resolution condeming, black lives matter, la raza, antifa, and those in the US government that abuse their power and rarely if ever held accountable for their actions.

nothing but feel good measure in deed. White Supremacists have been around for ever now, you have to consider why now; is it time to " Approve a resolution " and not some 20 years ago when it was just as relevant and a problem. Trump could literally round up every White Supremacist on the planet, put em on a NASA rocket, and send them to the moon, an someone would still find a reason to say that he didn’t do enough. It is just puff action and news that isn’t even worth listening too just for the ironic entertainment factor of it.


He’d have to put himself on the rocket or there’s be one white supremacist left on the planet.


see there ya go, that would be the complaint , he is the last remaining white supremacist so he has to die.
Obama wasn’t racist, he should come back and save America again.


Who said anything about him dying? Yes he will die someday but that’s God’s business. He could just stop being a white supremacist.


kinda hard for him to stop being a white supremacist when he was never one in the first place. he is though a sexist pig, and what else, a Russian spy, he caused Hurricane Harvey and Irma, is now responsible for 9/11, created global warming, puts ketchup on his steak, and is a meglomaniac who wants to start world war 3 with North Korea, obviously isn’t smart the list just never ends, how in the world did the popular vote not get hillary elected, why oh why is there an electoral college. Curse those pesky Russians and the masognistic pigs for not electing hillary.


snopes is no longer a good fact checking source. they have been shown to be biased in their reporting and the internal upheaval has made them more focused on generating money. you have to pay for the ex plus the new one.

their words are bought and paid for!


Yes there has been a lot of mis information about snopes lately. Wonder why?


i have read this before; but thanks.

igd is a clearing house pushing the agenda without doing the dirty work. they claim no involvement and that they are just a news website and platform.

still doesn’t answer who is funding the antifa, paying those who rally and what they stand for. they mention trump, refugees and fascist so why do they target free speech not identified by splc as a hate group?


the original owners are divorcing or are divorced. rumors of cheating and embezzlement abound from the divorce proceeding. this is an internal meltdown not from external forces. the old enemies greed and lust seem to be the cause.


I don’t know if there are many original “Confederate” flags left, but I doubt it’s many. As to Nazi flags being sold at gun show, that could be different. American soldiers in WWII brought a tremendous number of them home from the war, as well as a lot of Japanese flags, Japanese swords, German Lugers, arm bands, even automatic weapons. (Luger pistols were a real favorite, but hard to come by. Flags and arm bands were a dime a dozen) A lot of gun show people are collectors of various sorts. I don’t know about the Confederate flags, but I would fully expect to see some original Nazi flags, arm bands, Japanese swords, German Lugers and Japanese flags. Rising Sun flags were also very popular because a lot of them were made of silk, so they could be stored in tiny spaces and last more or less forever.


Government by crisis! Lovely.


Possibly I missed some of the white supremacy advocacy here on CAF, but I don’t recall seeing any. Perhaps you can point them out to us and tell us why the posters are white supremacists.

As to celebrations of whites becoming a minority, that’s easy enough to find, as I’m sure you know. This one took about ten seconds to find, perhaps less, but I didn’t time it:


These were new flags. But you are right there are a lot of collectables. I’ve seen real German coins for sale at shows. They have the swastika on them. I have a number myself that my grandfather brought back from the war. I think they are interesting as history. Anyway, the coins are cheap. I thought maybe mine were worth something but they must be plentiful. According to some that just means lots of neo Nazis are lurking about.


You keep saying that, but I see little evidence that it is a Communist organization.


Really? You have respect for a group of violent crazies who beat people up when they try to exercise their freedom of speech? Weren’t Black Lives Matter allowed to have their say even when they talked about killing policeman?
I’m in no way advocating white supremacist groups. Any group that condemns and hates people based on their race is bigoted and backwards. And whether the hate group happens to be white or any other color is irrelevant.


antifa has the same goals and appropriate the communist symbols. look at the gatherings and notice the hammer and sickle among those marching. we define the nazi by their flag but ignore the communist

antifa traces its roots to 1920-30 germany and the german communist party. note the symbols


Antifa is an extreme Marxist organisation. The red and black also suggests they’re anarchists.


I’m not buying. That they are inspired by German Communist groups who were battling the Nazis doesn’t surprise me, seeing as anti-fascist movements in Germany and the US during that period were at the time predominantly Communist (sadly, no else seemed to be willing to try to battle the Nazis until 1939), but do you have some actual manifestos that declare Antifa to be out and out Communists?


of course not; if you bought you would have no leg to stand on.

why does antifa tolerate the hammer and sickle at its events?

would they march with people they are opposed to? would they march with a nazi?

  1. I asked first, what do you considerer “white supremacy”. Until that is answered, it is useless talk about no t seeing it.

  2. Thanks for the link. But was the article “racist”? Did it say that the US is no longer a white country? Is 2050 soon? Was it grim with suggestions about the day of reckoning? In case you forgot, here is what you proclaimed:

On the other hand, one not infrequently sees gleeful (and racist) declarations that “the U.S. is no longer a white country” or that it won’t be soon, with grim suggestions that whites need to be wary of a reckoning when that day comes.

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