Senate Confirms Buescher as District Judge, Despite Democratic Objections to Knights of Columbus Membership

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It’s completely ridiculous to make this much fuss over a district judge. Not even an appellate judge, but a DISTRICT judge. The federal judiciary is amazingly patient in the face of this baloney.

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Well, even though Sen Hirono tried to get him to drop his membership in the Knights, at least none of the Dems required that he “change his religion” to accommodate abortion, as Hillary Clinton did of all Catholics.

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Assuming that you remember any of the many previous conversations on this matter, you must realize taht Hillary Clinton do not ask all Catholics to change their religion to accommodate abortion. Surprising then, that you post such things.

Proves nothing. If it’s a partisan appointment then it will be attacked. Duh! No ideological reason necessary.

If you read the article, it’s very plain that Catholic beliefs were the objection made by Democrats. But this is nothing unusual, as the Dem party is vehemently opposed to Catholic teachings. As we know, the DNC even supports dissident Catholic organizations like Catholics United. Abortion and gender politics are the religion of the Dem party in the U.S.


From the article:

“Every Democratic senator present voted against Buescher, and a handful (including the seven senators running for the 2020 presidential nomination) did not vote.”

This part is worthy of repeating.

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia also rebuked the questioning in his weekly column on Jan. 9, writing that that “[t]he sheer ignorance, not to mention injustice, in the senators’ describing the Knights as “extreme” would be baffling – if it weren’t part of pattern of bigoted thinking already sanctified by other senators like Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) in her vulgar 2017 grilling of now-Judge Amy Coney Barrett (“The dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s a concern”).”

Well said.

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Reminds me of when my wife was on the state Democratic Committee. She was asked to give a speech to the Committee and as part of it encouraged the members to support and encourage prolife Dem candidates. She was told later not to say that again because it’s “divisive”. Well, given the absolute dedication the party has to abortion, I guess they were right. But it didn’t sit well with my wife at all.

Dedicated Catholics who are faithful to the Church are welcome as Dem voters only, but are not wanted in any other capacity.

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