Senate Offers New Plan for Secure Driver's Licenses

Big Sister strikes again. “It’s for your safety, dear! We just want to keep everyone safe—how could you object to that?”

The new proposal “is a recognition that Real ID, as originally passed, is simply not being put in place by the states,” Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano said Monday…

Ja, klar. “Vere are your papers? Zese documents are obsolete. You vill come mit me, please.”

One nation, under surveillance, with harassment and bureaucracy for all.

Sen. Daniel Akaka, a co-sponsor of the bill, said the new proposal does exactly what the 9/11 Commission recommended:
“It sets strong security standards for the issuance of identification cards and driver’s licenses,” the Hawaii Democrat said in a statement.

Ah yes, Hawaii… bastian of safe keeping for documents which don’t exist.:rolleyes:


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