Senate panel on Benghazi: 'The attacks were preventable'


A Senate panel faults the State Department and intelligence agencies for failing to thwart the September 11, 2012 assault on American outposts in Benghazi and says that the attacks were “preventable.”


Democrats are too fond of the Obama administration, and Republicans are too fond of the intelligence agencies for this to really matter.


That’s too simplistic.


I am very interested to know where Obama was during the 10 hours of the terrorist attack, and why he and his administration lied about it for so long. Who ordered our forces to stand down? If not Obama, who ordered it and why.
There are common sense questions which are begging to be answered, and all witnesses have been gagged. Yes, Seamus, the murder of our citizens, including our ambassador “really matter”! If one of the victims was your brother, I bet you would care. :blush: Rob


Indeed. Just look at Senators Diane Feinstein and Rand Paul.


Risk management professionals teach, as a core of their business, that, if something is predictable, it is preventable.


That’s both erroneous and cold. It matters because four people died and many more were severely injured. It matters because POTUS and his minions LIED to us. And he lied to keep this from damaging his re-election. It matters because there are people who think Hilary Clinton should be President.

It matters.



This story has legs…they are both broken and have gotten us nowhere, but it has legs.


I wasn’t making light of anything. My point is that in 2014, nothing is scandalous anymore. Does anyone actually believe that Benghazi Gate is going to ruin someone’s political career ? It might have in the Nixon years, but not anymore.


Well said.

How can it not matter, people died here.



Sorry - you are wrong. Scandals are numerous and are called “scandals” because they are hidden “wrong doing” until they are exposed! This requires someone to tell about it. That’s where the media comes into play. The Free Press; remember? Its meant to be free of lies, open, not devious; bringing truth of matters before the people. Of course, if one can contain the media and shape it in a controlled way that presents one"s desired opinion; then people who depend on knowing the truth are easily fooled. If you mean nothing is a scandal these days then its because the liars have succeeded. I think that a voice of honesty is still being heard but we must not turn away from it because it is not as loud as the liar’s. People who do not want to be bothered with hearing the truth prefer to accept the lies because it costs them to care. Its easier to accept the lie and repeat it because it was loud and others accepted it. What kind of person wishes to repeat lies, accept liars and promote them? Mostly, persons who are selfish and have some monetary value to gain, or perhaps its vanity, pride, or power. Defeating evil isn’t someone else’s job, its everyone’s. When we learn of governmental neglect that results in murder, do not be uncaring, uninvolved, and claim you aren’t up to the truth cause you might have to take a stand.
Do not say, “What difference does it make”!!


Too bad it doesn’t have stronger legs. Why was a U.S. Ambassador in a hotbed of Islamic terrorists? Was it to retrieve some of the arms to send to rebels in Syria as some have said? Is that the reason nobody has done anything to capture those responsible? Nobody wants that part of the story told, perhaps?

And why the shabby security? Did we really believe somehow the terrorists were now our buddies because we were going to give them money? Were we so stupid as to trust an Islamic faction to guard our people? Who were they? Why did we trust them? Was somebody “bought” and didn’t stay bought?

And why not even try to rescue the people? Not even a low-flying jet to buzz them. Nothing.

But it’s no wonder the story doesn’t have stronger legs. This administration has hamstrung any efforts to learn anything.
And, yes, where was the president during all of that?


This story represents a failure of journalism in America. The dominant media services made a point to make sure that the administrations narrative of the defeat of el quada was secure and would not play a part in the last election.

As a result everything has gone unanswered from that point until now.

The narrative of the defeat of el quada itself has revealed itself to be devoid of any substance, as they have flared up once more all across the ME.

The administration cares more about promoting the kind of narrative that wins elections than about remaining a dominant player on the world stage in the war against the Islamist terrorists.


The legs may be broken but they HAVE gotten us somewhere and more and more answers are coming out all of the time. This may not convince the blind loyalists to the Hillary train but frankly I relish the idea of her running. She will be demolished. I’d be far more worried about an Andrew Cuomo combined say with Cory Booker than Hillary and whatever running mate she can dig up. So go Hillary go…get into the spotlight and maybe you will answer a few questions like why you let those men die and why you protected their murderers.

It’s sad that the media hid the truth for so long assisted by Obama and his minions like Susan Rice. I wake up every morning and wonder how on earth this destructive anti-American bunch ever came into such power. God help us…three more years of this mess.



I’d wager part of the reason the security was shabby was due to politics. A realistic security plan and security force would have been contrary to the Administration’s narrative on the events in the country.


How much do the American people care about Benghazi ? So much, that the person considered to be most responsible for it, is at this time projected to be your next president.


Well, if the media and democrats were just a tad more determined to find the truth…say back even when it happened? :o


:hmm: If your projection is based on a poll showing 25% of the voters as republicans and 34% as democrats, yes Hillary had better have a lead in that for the sake of her 2016 hopes.

The republicans would be foolish if they think this will put them over the top. The mainstream media covered for the Democrats when this happened to help them get re-elected.

2016 will probably be about ObamaCare and the economy.

Electing someone like Hillary Clinton to the Oval Office would result in horrible policies and a longer winter for this nation.


How someone who was mediocre to bad as Secretary of State can now be front-runner as President is bringing the Peter Principle to a whole new level.

She has already reached her level of incompetence a long time ago. Benghazi ought to have served as ample proof of that already.


you are right oldcelt. the story has legs. however, the obama administration has somehow managed on every scandal to hit this administration to lie, deceive, ignore the facts.

look at the results of the IRS investigation. somehow the obama administration even owns the FBI.

it surprises me that the senate panel was able to come to come to this conclusion and somehow were not threatened or bought off. as far as i am concerned obama has made our country very close to a police state.

why people want to hide their heads in the sand and look the other way is beyond me.

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