Senate probing new allegation of misconduct against Kavanaugh


The sender of the complaint described an evening involving her own daughter, Kavanaugh and several friends in 1998. “When they left the bar (under the influence of alcohol) they were all shocked when Brett Kavanaugh, shoved her friend up against the wall very aggressively and sexually.” “There were at least four witnesses including my daughter.”


Alright, let’s hear from the witnesses and the victim.


How many more do they have lined up to
make accusations?

Obviously they are hoping to bully him into
withdrawing or making enough accusations an investigation will be called for even though these accusations are not very credible, but they sure know how to
lawyer up!


Don’t worry, at midnight I expect an anonymous source to accuse Kavanaugh of being the drug kingpin of Montgomery County, Maryland in 1978 where he supplied cocaine to Washington National players while on summer break after boy scout camp.


Talk about low. An anonymous letter was delivered? Of course this would come out. Once people started questioning whether things that occurred in high school truly mattered, they had to come up with a more recent charge. Either Kavanaugh has been leading the world’s greatest double life, and fooling everyone, including his wife, or this is a coordinated attack by Satan, Ford, Feinstein, and these others.

This is why I hope he is confirmed. The devil clearly is afraid of this man. He is throwing everything he can at this nomination, in a never seen before manner. I feel like Satan is lashing out like never before, and has the accusers and Senate dems as his minions.

Lord let this man succeed. And may he be a worthy choice.


I noticed this during the 2016 election. It is part of what brought me back to the Church. There is clearly some divine work being done here.


I guess missed this too on his clearance reinvestigations.

It is easy to gloss over forcible sexual advances un this background investigations.


They were all tricked by the Rape-Ring Mastermined. He had us all fooled. And he woulda gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those pesky democrats!


I don’t know about Satan caring particularly about a specific Supreme Court Justice being confirmed or not. But I do know that the Democrats are desperate to find any reason necessary to delay the confirmation in an attempt to block it after the midterm elections.


Zoinks scoob!


The level of hatred and animus (look at the post election riots) and the depths they have sunk to are not human.

There is only one force as malevolent as these folks, and that’s Lucifer. And for whatever reason, it is aimed at stopping Kavanaugh.

Now I can’t prove that, but nine of the “ladies” can prove anything either, so there’s that.


They are following the example set by 8 years of “nothing Obama”. I’m not surprised. The Republicans showed them the playbook. It doesn’t make it right, but we can probably tone down the holier than thou fake outrage a notch or two.


Who is “they”?
BTW there is another allegation being investigated:


Finally, a Democrat willing to admit these arentrumped up, bogus charges, but justifiable since he thinks Republicans do it too. That’s progress, at least.

And please cite similar examples of this sort of behavior from the right. I do recall Harry Reid did admit to lying about Romney to help defeat him, but he was a Democrat too.

Also, point me to the riots and arson that occurred in 2008 and 2012 on the scale that happened after trump won.

Dont equivocate if you cant actually show concrete examples that mirror this Kavanaugh garbage.


The democrats trying to block the nomination. Democrats should be ashamed.


That is what I am referring to. They have them lined up to make their accusatuons


A couple of things wrong with your assumptions. I am not a Democrat. I never said or implied this behavior is in any way shape or form justified. Beyond that your reply is just noise. The point is that both sides are disgusting pigs, and neither wants to rise above the sleaze. But go ahead, project some more assumptions.


Don;t be absurd.
Vince Foster … Seth Rich.

False equivalence. Why should anyone riot then?


If you look at these stories you will find individuals, not ™the Democrats.
I realize that the Republican meme is that this is a coordinated effort. But the stories of how these reports developed doesn’t support that in the least. It is a phony meme.


And you refuse to provide examples of similar behavior. So stop making claims you cant back up, or simply do so - it’s not that hard.

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