Senator Sessions: 800,000 Illegal Border Crossings in 2016


Sen. Jeff Sessions, R- Ala., issued a “critical alert” about a possibly historic amount of illegal border crossings over the past year.

“There is a crisis at our southwest border,” Sessions claims, “one that in many ways exceeds the crisis we saw just two years ago, one that further undermines the integrity of our immigration system, but one that the most of the media has elected to ignore.”

Sessions quotes Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, who said for every one illegal alien caught attempting to cross the border, one evades arrest.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, 408,870 illegal aliens were captured while attempting to cross the border in the 2016 fiscal year.


60% of the illegal immigrants over stay valid visas. Some people are just concerned because of the color of the skin of those entering from Mexico,:eek:


Or… and I know this may be hard for you to understand, but bear with me… we’re concerned because undocumented individuals are entering into our country without any sort of backstopping and with no declaration as to purpose or possessions, who wind up benefiting from our welfare system without actually paying taxes into the system to support it.

I know it sounds crazy, but I think most of us are ticked off about it because people are reaping the benefits of our country without paying into those benefits. In essence, they are stealing.

I couldn’t care less about their race or the color of their skin, I just want them to go through the legal means of getting into the country, and pay their taxes like the rest of us.


Actually, undocumented immigrants pay over $10 billion a year in state and local income taxes, pay sales and property taxes, and the majority file and pay federal income tax and are not eligible for welfare, Medicare, or food stamps. In addition they pay an estimated $15 billion a year in Social Security tax without ever being able to collect SS benefits. The SS Board estimates that the system would have begun to run a deficit in 2009 without the contributions of illegal immigrants.

So in essence, your anger has no basis in the claims you are making. And saying they should “just” enter the country legally shows you have no understanding of how impossible it is fit low-skilled workers to gain entry.


Do you really believe this? or could it be the breaking of the laws of USA?


I don’t think the color of skin has anything to do with it. It is ILLEGAL not matter what color their skin is. Why do we have to try and make EVERYTHING raciest !!! God Bless, Memaw


Where are you getting your information??? God Bless, Memaw


If the government doesn’t know who all they are, no statistics are truly reliable. It is certainly possible for illegals who have “anchor babies” to get all kinds of benefits. All illegals are entitled to free ER care. Illegals with false ID (which they all have) can get all kinds of benefits from case workers who can’t question the legitimacy of their ID.

And since all halfway good fake ID has a real social security number behind it, SOMEONE is getting credited with SS benefits even if it’s not the one using the SS number fraudulently.

Not many illegals own real estate. Yet their children go to school, get lunches, health exams, all for free. Most public schools are financed only by real estate taxes.


Thanks for responding for me, it saved me the trouble of writing this out myself ^^

(In reading this, it sounds super sarcastic. I mean it legitimately, you said pretty much everything I was going to say, only better. )


Using your logic, people who rent apartments or houses and use the school system are also stealing. You pay real estate taxes even if you don’t own property; a portion of your rent goes to pay taxes.

I won’t argue that welfare fraud exists, but the majority of it is committed by U. S. citizens, not undocumented workers.

I don’t understand you SS comment. “Getting credited” with SS payments doesn’t mean you are collecting them.


There are many issues … one of the issues is that illegals commit crimes for which they are not punished. We send them home and they just sneak back into the United States.

Another issue is that illegals end up getting welfare benefits that exceed what our military veterans get.

And then there is MS-13 and the gang bangers:


Illegal immigrants surging to the United States from Mexico in a race against election day.


Then change the law. There are still some of us left in this country that value the rule of law. And if they pay taxes, they are also getting education and medical care on our dime and they are not entitled to that. They are not citizens. America can’t take care of all the people who want to come here no matter how kind that may seem to you.


Do you have facts to back that up or is that just a liberal insult to those of us who believe in keeping the law.


Call them illegal immigrants but using the term “illegals” is an attempt to dehumanize this population.


What does liberal have to do with anything?

Republicans led by trump are accusing “illegals” of high drug usage in New Hampshire,

I don’t think these individuals in New Hampshire are being forced to do drugs.

Is that a conservative lie?


Regarding medical care…it depends on the situation. For emergent care yes illegal immigrants are entitled to that, discriminating against providing emegency medical services even for undocumented immigrants would be against the Federal law EMTALA. It would be against federal law for emergency rooms to deny emergency medical care even for undocumented immigrants. Most undocumented immigrants are not entitled to preventative care. However , in some states they do have laws and programs in place to provide preventative medical care for undocumented immigrant children.

Also regarding education, yes they are entitled to education from kindergarten up to 12th grade…this was decided by the Supreme Court in the case Plyer vs doe.


Getting off topic here, but what was the word that Hillary used?




Yes, they can change the law. But they can’t change the bitterness toward those who they think take away their jobs or deprive them of higher salaries, etc., whether they are illegal immigrants or long-standing citizens.

I believe those that come here by whatever method end up deporting themselves if they can’t find gainful employment or have trouble with the English language. At least most of them. The standard of living isn’t exactly the lowest in the world here and welfare won’t get them too far.

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