Senators considering what their options are after Trump-Putin summit


Democrats call for hearings, briefings

Sanctions bill under consideration: Durbin said backing a tough sanctions bill authored by Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and Maryland Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen is also under consideration.

Resolution also being considered: Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona said he is working on a resolution to “reaffirm support for the intelligence community,” following Trump’s comments.


Trump should consolidate power quickly.


Trump should

  1. Prepare throughly before meeting with leaders of other countries
  2. Never go into meetings without policy advisors when meeting with leaders of other countries
  3. Think before he speaks or tweets
  4. Show some respect for others


Nah! This is far more interesting :nerd_face:


Flake is still a senator here in Arizona?

His poll numbers were so low he decided not to run again.
He is not a friend of Trump.
Good riddance Flake!


Of course. Flake supports the deep state. He supports rule by the unelected bureaucracy.


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