Send a rosary, as a gift of love and mercy


Send a rosary to your enemies, and they will become your friends.

Send a rosary to Obama, to the President of Iran, to the Dictator of North Korean, to Al Qaeda, and to any other evil people you can think of. The rosary will change them. Think of the green scapular, how if you put it under a sinner’s pillow God’s grace will overpower them and they will convert, due to the prayers of the believer. Every little instrument of God’s grace counts. Let us change the world through and with Mary!


Brilliant idea. Nice one. Simple but very powerful. Hows about giving them also a pamphlet or booklet showing them how to say the rosary:thumbsup:


I’m not sure that strict Muslims would appreciate receiving a rosary considering their rules about images. Sending anything at all to world leaders might get as far as an under, under-secretary.

But you know a sure-fire option is to pray for your enemies (as Christ himself advised) and we are also exhorted to pray for our leaders. That will get through to them.

It is, though, a lovely idea to give rosaries as presents.



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