Sending goodies to our troops in Iraq/Afghanistan

I’m hoping this is the right place to post this. I have been trying to accomplish this for a long time but with no success.

I want to send goodie boxes to troops stationed at Balad, Iraq. I was doing this for a while but the guy I was sending to all of a sudden disappeared and since I’m not a family member I can’t get any info or help. So I don’t know what has happened to him, if he is alive or dead or what.

My son was in the unit that established the base at Balad when we first went over, so in a way I feel kind of like a Mama to the folks there. I understand about security issues (hubby was in the AF Security Service and NSA so have lived w/ that for a long time, am used to it) and we most definitely should be security conscious. In fact, hubby is now a civilian chief of security.

I have a large quantity of items I purchased to send but now am unable to, stuff like DVDs, books, toiletries, various other stuff to make life a little easier there. Can anyone tell me how to contact one of those troops, preferably someone with nobody who writes or sends him/her stuff, or else the commander of the unit. I always send stuff for the entire unit as well as stuff just for the particular troop.

I have a number of people here (am in Cullman, AL) who will vouch for me, and I am a Red Cross volunteer and I have passed their background check. I feel so bad not being able to send goodie boxes.

I send stuff via our VFW post to other units like the Baghdad ER. I would really be so grateful for any help or info so I can send stuff to Balad as well.

You can PM me if you wish.

See if this helps:

As a veteran (although a post-Vietnam one), thank you for thinking of our troops!

Operation Shoebox says to keep asking around among co-workers and those in your area.

Military Moms is an organization where a family member signs up his or her child to receive pakages, then somebody else (you maybe) does the giving. Operation Military Pride operates in a similar fashion, but the troops themselves sign up for a penpal and “angel”. Troop Care Package also.

Treats for Troops has a “Foster-A-Solider” program.

I don’t blame you for being kind of bummed. We used to sponsor young receruits for Thanskgiving until RTC Great Lakes decided to do away with “Adopt A Sailor”.

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