Sending the Pope an e-mail

If I sent the Pope an e-mail, would I get a reply?

If there is an email listed for him, then I’m sure you would get some kind of reply. Whether it is from him, I don’t know. It’s like sending a letter to the president. You get a letter back, but it’s from someone other than the president.

Given all His Holiness has on his plate apart from his Papal and ecclesiastical duties (remember, he considers heavy-duty writing, research and theological thinking as his “spare time” :eek: ) and everyone else who writes him from around the world, I’d be surprised if you got a personal response from him. There just wouldn’t be enough hours in the day :slight_smile:

Do you know his email address???

Shortly after is election as pope, several newspapers published it. They noted that the Vatican’s website even had a link for it on their homepage.

I just checked the Vatican’s website, and the link is gone. Perhaps they got more mail than they anticipated. :o

I’m not sure if the email address is still working, but the one listed in 2005 is easily found online… just not on the Vatican’s website.

Here is the Pope’s contact information.

That is also the address I saw listed in the 2005 news articles, so there is little reason to search for them.

His email is listed everywhere if you type it into a search bar, but I’ve written an email to both the English and the Italian address and the emails came back from the Vatican Server with the message: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in relay recipient table (state 14).”

So it would seem that the plethora of Hate Mail, pointless letters, and personal requests proved too much and the address was removed. I guess John Paul II managed because it was back when there were less people with Email capacity and proficiency.

If there is another email address, I would love to know because sending a letter takes a little longer and seems more likely to get lost.

So keep to the snail mail, or contact a Bishop, or maybe try guardian angel mail? :wink:

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