Senior cleric: USA is large exhibition of human rights violations


Senior cleric: USA is large exhibition of human rights violations

He made the remarks in the second sermon of Friday Prayers here in Tehran.

Referring to recent protests of US people against apartheid and violation of human rights, the ayatollah said in the United States, a police officer kills an African American, then the court acquits the killer, and finally the police behaves harshly with protesters against apartheid.

‘This means that the United States is a large exhibition of ignoring human rights.’


Afghan leader has said that some of the people tortured were innocent. Torturing innocent people is a human rights violation.


Torture is a human rights violation, period. Seriously. Those who have been captured in battle must be treated as people created in the image of God (and, if they are Christian, as brothers and sisters in Christ). Torture, regardless of circumstance, degrades the human person. And even if the ends are worthwhile ends (finding intelligence that protects the country), the ends do not justify the means.


Sort of like being lectured by Pol Pot. :shrug:



Why then do Americans torture people while at the same time lecture other countries about human rights?


Or by Hitler or Stalin or Mao. :shrug:


Like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Po Pot, and their ‘best buds’ have done? :shrug:


You mean like cutting their heads off? That kind of " rights violation?"


Because one human rights violation doesn’t excuse another. Nothing excuses any of them. If a 400-lb woman stands before you claiming that a healthy diet and exercise lead to a longer lifespan, her argument isn’t wrong simply because we perceive her to be a hypocrite.


I didn’t see any cutting off of heads mentioned in what I had read so far. I did read, however, about freezing someone to death. A CIA agent ordered that Gul Rahman be stripped naked, except for a sweatshirt, and “shackled to the wall of his cell in a position that required the detainee to rest on the bare concrete floor." He died a few weeks later from hypothermia.
When you cut off someone’s head, the death is more or less instant and the pain is over in a short period of time. However, in this case, the pain of freezing to death lasted almost one month.


I would ask myself why she doesn’t take her own advice instead of lecturing me.


But then you would be denying the apt logic of the argument because of the speaker giving it. That would mean you would be acting illogically. I understand the perceived hypocrisy you’re noting – but I would caution anyone not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The U.S. should, for example, be calling out human rights violations in the DRC, where conflict minerals continue to fuel one of the longest wars in recorded history. And it should also accept criticism by other nations when it commits human rights violations.


I agree that it is wrong to throw a baby out with the bathwater.


Sigh. Another day, another post where Tomdstone is blasting the USA for alleged human rights violations (yet nary a word about, say, human rights violations in Cuba; Africa, or any random Muslim country).

Gee, it had been…what? 2 days since the last time?

I’d ask Tom some questions, but he has a lengthy history of just not answering anything he doesn’t want to.

I’d also note that a while back, I asked Tom the question: Hypothetically, would he be willing to use personal violence to stop the actual, in-progress penetrative rape of his own minor daughter? He would not. The fact that he wouldn’t rather speaks volumes for how (un)seriously he ought to be taken, and he will never live down that attitude IMHO. The anonymous internet hides a lot of cravenness.


Have any of those nations crowned themselves king of the “free world” or declared themselves to be the nation to which all others should aspire?


Nope. Then again, neither has the USA!

Of course, I wonder:

–Would there be more human rights in the world if the USA was more like Africa (where numerous countries still allow legal slavery?)

–Would there be more human rights in the world if the USA was more like Cuba (where people live in abject poverty with nothing in the way of freedoms, under a repressive communist regime, and where people flee from on rafts to reach the USA?)

–Would there be more human rights if the USA was more like Islamic countries, where people get beheaded for the crime of being Christian, and where women are sometimes considered property?

–Or would there be more human rights if those nations/areas were more like the USA?


Spoken from the man who is the religious leader of a nation that executes rape victims.

Indeed, Jon. Just like being lectured by Pol Pot.


See, here’s the thing. We should point out human rights violations when we see them in other countries. But we cannot deny our own. In order to be consistent, we must see our own and do our best to correct them, so that we can become the beacon of human rights that we want other countries to see us as. Don’t forget, the US is one of only four countries in the world that allows the most atrocious human rights violation - abortion at any time for any reason, up through birth. The only other countries that this is legal? Canada, DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea/North Korea), and China.


The cleric never even mentioned that.


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