Senior GOP lawmakers grow anxious over Trump's effort to overturn election results

At least some of them are waking up.

Before the debates, some took Trump’s lack of committing to a peaceful transfer of power to be alarming. Some others thought that those alarmed were unjustifiably worried.

I’d ask of we can all now agree that he isn’t peacefully transferring power. But I think the goal post has moved to “he didn’t really loose.”

He’s a narcissist who can’t admit defeat. Ever.

The GOP needs to stop this right now. They need to call on Emily Murphy, the head of GSA, to sign the transition papers today.

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History will not look kindly on these cowardly “leaders” who are so blatantly putting self preservation above their country in such an egregious way.


I wonder if politicians at the national level, the ones who are famous enough to perhaps make it into history books, ever think of how history will treat them.

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McConnell and Graham particularity.

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I think Lindsey Graham lost his way when McCain died.

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You could be right. I’ll never understand Graham’s, or Cruz’s for that matter, 180 on Trump. Trump has slammed the former’s longtime friend McCain and the latter’s wife and they’re both like ok that’s cool. The power teat must taste very sweet indeed.

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