Senior Tories call for Boris Johnson U-turn on Huawei as Mike Pence warns decision could hit US-UK trade talks

This is going well, barely more than a week into our post-Brexit utopia:

Senior Tories have called for Boris Johnson to U-turn on its decision to allow Huawei into Britain’s 5G network as Mike Pence warned that the move could put US-UK trade talks in jeopardy.

A letter signed by former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith and four former cabinet ministers says there is cross-party concern over the issue, and calls for more ministers to come forward.

It comes as Britain’s new ambassador to Washington, Dame Karen Pierce, was plunged into deep water on day one of her job over the issue.

Former ministers Owen Paterson, former Brexit minister David Davis and former Secretary of State Damian Green all put their names to the letter that states some MPs were ‘working to find a better solution’ to the 5G issue.

They also call for ‘high-risk’ vendors, which Huawei was designated by the UK, to be ruled out immediately or phased out over time.

Sir Iain told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: 'There is real concern across the floor of the House. I think there is a lot of disquiet over this.

’The truth is if they are not a trusted vendor, if, as the Foreign Secretary said at the despatch box, that China is considered to be an aggressor in these matters, they are constantly attacking our systems alongside Russia - they claim that Russia is an aggressor, but they won’t have anything to do with Russian technology - then surely the same principle must apply to China.

’And, I think, therefore, we need to get the Government to look to get the involvement of Huawei, not to 35 per cent, but to zero. We are turning out to be the mugs in this game.'

The Government has said Huawei would be limited to involvement in 35% of the network and kept away from sensitive areas.

Donald Trump is reported to have become ‘apoplectic’ with Mr Johnson last week when the Prime Minister called to say the UK was defying US advice to ban Huawei altogether.

Mr Pence yesterday suggested the White House remained furious.

Asked whether the UK’s decision on Huawei could be a deal-breaker for the trade talks, Mr Pence responded: ‘We’ll see.’

He told US broadcaster CNBC yesterday: 'The United States is very disappointed that the United Kingdom has decided to go forward with Huawei.

’We are profoundly disappointed because look, when I went at the president’s direction in September, I met with Prime Minister Johnson and I told him the moment the UK was out of Brexit we were willing to begin to negotiate a free trade arrangement with the UK.'

He also made clear that the White House was still trying to ‘figure out’ what Huawei’s inclusion would mean, but said the US does not believe ‘utilising the assets and technology of Huawei is consistent with the security or privacy interests of the UK, of the United States’.

My personal desire is to have the free markets work. Trump is a day-trader and has only the elections on his mind. He even postponed further trade talks knowing US firms can’t compete with Huawei and all the patents it holds. (I understand Huawei has sued Verizon for infringement of patents.) He uses the national security excuse on everything. Australia fell for it. Hope the U.K. doesn’t.

Taking back control, eh?

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Not that I am impressed with the Huawei way (wei?)

Pronounced WAH-WAY

So I understand.

I do love watching a good ole’ blue-on-blue Tory civil war, though. :popcorn:

A degree of machiavellian scheming, backstabbing and duplicity that you couldn’t even find in a historical docu-drama about the Tudors or the Borgias.

For the record I have an Apple phone thru AT&T and I am happy with it. But if there’s a faster and cheaper wi-fi system available I’m all for it.

Is Cameron still around? I think he did some business with Huawei.

Apple does at least try hard to protect you from eavesdroppers. Your cheap alternative may not try so hard. Especially if it is effectively under the control of a despotic foreign power. However, the choice is ours, now we are free of the wicked European stranglehold: go with the dubious foreign supplier, or go with the dubious foreign government.

Mr Cameron is making vast sums of cash “advising” various entities.

Exchanging leadership in Brussels for servitude to Washington.


One day, England will come to realise - in retrospect - that the EU was a vehicle for enhancing British national sovereignty and trade bargaining power through voluntary and representative pooling of powers with our closest neighbours, the people with whom we not only trade the most but share the most with in terms of values as well.

I said ‘England’ because I can’t say with any degree of confidence whether or not the UK will still exist by that point, with Scottish Independence and Irish unity set to be flash-points in the years ahead.

Someone I know made a rather crude but I think adroit analogy the other day: he said that Brexit Britain is like a deluded 50-something year old man going through a mid-life crisis who leaves his wife of a decade or so, expecting to bag a hot young 20 or early 30-something (or two!) only to find himself sitting alone in a bedsit staring at the TV and realising bachelorhood at his age isn’t quite what he’d imagined and that he’d have been better of sticking with his marriage.


This is true. They won’t even divulge information to the FBI. It’s really unfortunate in a way the US government broke up the phone companies in such a way as to lose its technological advantage.

Here is more on that lawsuit.

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