Seniors: too bad you're not dying

A spokesperson for the CDC was talking about the H1N1 virus this morning during a news conference. She stated (paraphrased) that it is unfortunate that only seven per cent of the people dying from the H1N1 were people 65 or older. Well, pardon me for not dying fast enought to suit the CDC. I assume that this is the thoughts of the Obama administration, and quite a few of the medical community. They have already said that health care will be rationed favoring the people under 65. Now, you younger people, don’t laugh. You may get older someday.

could you please post the link?

If true this person needs to be removed and or resign, Today.

Our elder generation is a national treasure and should be treated as such.

Healthcare already IS rationed, and older people already ARE being killed - by insurance companies! We already have “death panels” in this country: they’re called AETNA, United Healthcare, BC/BS, and so on.

The mock outrage is really getting silly. Be thankful you never had your insurance refuse to pay for life-saving treatment for “pre-existing conditions” or other reasons, because people are being killed today in our country and there seems to be very little outrage about that.

We have always been outraged when we heard of it and given money for medical treatment for others who’s insurance did not cover it or did not have insurance. Yes something needs to be done to insure that insurance can not discriminate. But what we are hearing more and more that instead of stopping this outrage the government will instead be commiting it and with our money. Have you read the bill? I did and my insurance gives me better coverage than it does and I am on state medical which is considered to be the bottom dregs of the insurance.

Take a look at who is designing this “health insurance” for a moment, Look at thier ideals. Tell me again why you think this is such a good idea?

I care for an elderly man, My father, I would and will fight tooth and nail to make sure of his health and I don’t care if he is almost seventy if he needs the surgery he should get it even if it gives him only another year, I don’t want some nameless idiot saying that his quality of life (by thier standards) isn’t good enough to qualify for the payment of his oxygen or other medical needs. I don’t want someone who doesn’t know my dad or any of our “treasures” to be making that dicision this should be between God, them, Dr, family, and God. That being said I would again beg you to read the whole bill. I also want you to think about what it will cost for all the new divisions that will be created in government how much will they be paid? the building in which they work? Yep stimulus didn’t work so if we hire a couple thousand new employees to this new “health care” we can use it to show that the “stimulus worked”. Read it.

If your mom had cancer and was given only two weeks to live but if she had a surgery that would prolong her life by six months or a year with the same amount or less pain than she would have now, what i wonder would be your decision? hers? You see now we have the decision we may not have it in the future if “they” decide its not worth it. If you don’t believe me then I will post from the bill itself but if you will only read it you will see for yourself.

It was on the Fox news network approx 12:20 edt. It was a woman speaking but I didn’t catch her name. I’m going to Fox to see if I can find more info.

At least Aetna can be fired and sued. What is more, if regulations were lifted, companies could be competitive, and health care would be more affordable. The waste of medicaid, and, especially medicare, would make you sick to your stomach if you only knew how bad it was. There will be no firing or suing the government. There will be no recourse at all. We will just have to take what they give us, and be thankful for it.

Don’t even get me started over malpractice suits. I know a family who gets 75,000 a year, plus free private schooling for their deaf son because they blamed the doctor for the boy’s strept infection. Well, maybe they should have got a settlement, but, not 75,000 a year, plus expenses, for the kid’s entire life. Guess who pays for that? You guessed it. You and I. Since they will do nothing about that outrage, such money will come out of our taxes. I don’t know about you, but, my family can’t afford more taxes. And, once inflation brings the price of bread to $5 a loaf, and gas and electric utilites double or triple. Good luck.

What astounding ignorance and gullibility there is out there. If that man told you to go jump a bridge, I suppose you would go jump a bridge.

I bet this is a misquote.

The person probably meant that it is unfortunate that disproportionately more young people are dying from the flu.

It’s that it’s bad that so many young are dying, not that it’s bad not enough old people are dying.

That’s kind of what I thought later on, but it really sounded strange at the time. I dvr’d it and that really what she said. Her name is Dr Anne Schuchat, and she’s with the CDC in charge of vaccinations, etc. I can’t find the text of the speech anywhere. Maybe it was pulled to avoid problems.

Nope I would more than likely ask him "Why?’:smiley:

That is strange I went and looked for her on fox news but only saw what the statistics showed and refrences to her speaking on fox news but not what she said.

This site has H1N1 news:

Yeah, the other thing is saying that 7% of total people dying from the flu are elderly says nothing about the total numbers of the elderly that are dying.

It may well be for example that the same number of elderly die from swine flu as from seasonal flu, but because so many young people are dying their percentage of total deaths is lower.

If you’re talking about the press conference that was held today, I found the video and transcript, and all I could find was her saying, “Fortunately, seniors seem to be spared and now we think we understand a bit about the immunology of that and our statistics supporting that.”

Anyway, if you want to check it out, the transcript is here:

The video is here:

If she did, in fact, say what you think she said, then she covered her tracks really well.

flyingfish, you said: “Yeah, the other thing is saying that 7% of total people dying from the flu are elderly says nothing about the total numbers of the elderly that are dying.”

True, based on CDC data for the US the 211 deaths have occurred in the US as of August 2009 represents a death total lower than from seasonal flu for years 2005 through 2008.

Early in the outbreak CDC studied 268 patient deaths and the breakdown per age is:

0-4: 7
5-24: 48
25-49: 124
50-64: 71
65+: 26
Unknown age: 26

CDC comment is: “This is a very different pattern from what is seen in seasonal influenza, where an estimated 90% of influenza-related deaths occur in people 65 years of age and older.”

Well, I listened to the videos carefully, and I heard nothing to indicate that I was right. My apologies to all, but I know what I heard twice, and my wife heard it also.

I just listened to the audio while reading the transcript. She said “AND fortunately, seniors seem to be spared . . . .” The “and” doesn’t appear in the transcript; in fact, there’s an entire sentence missing there.

Again, this is dramatically different from what we see with seasonal flu. With seasonal flu, 90% of fatalities occur in people 65 and over. It’s almost completely reversed here. Nearly 90% of our fatalities are occurring in people under of 65. We are using these data to see whether things have changed since the Spring and essentially this is still a younger person’s disease; and fortunately seniors seem to be spared and now we think we understand a bit about the immunology of that and our statistics are supporting that.

That’s my transcript of this particular passage in the audio recording, which is available by MPEG download here. This passage is around runtime 4:15 of the 38:11-long audio.

Her “and” is a kind of gutteral sound, and I can see how her “and fortunately” sounded like “unfortunately.”

OK, problem solved, I guess. Maybe I’m being overly suspicious, but who can blame anybody for that these days. Thanks and have a good weekend.

please, all of us over 50 aren’t ready to go just yet.

Be on your guard, because it is already happening. Not yet universally, but in pockets, here and there.

we’re working on it

there are times I confess when in great pain that I have actually prayed for Sister Death to come and visit me, but such thinking motivates me to do everything I can to live to the ripe old age programmed into my genes, 90+, just for spite

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