Sense of Community

I thought I’d change a habit on here and make a positive post instead of my usual disbelief. :slight_smile:

You are all incredibly lucky to be part of a church.

You have a sense of community and belonging.

This is very important. Important to you, your health and that of your family, especially in today’s world, where many people are disconnected with their communities.

Being part of a church congregation gives people a sense of friendship and belonging. You are part of a community and are actively involved with other people in your town or village.

Going to church makes people happy.

Its something to be incredibly grateful about and remind ourselves of.

Your thoughts?

Interesting self-assessment as I have seen most of your threads as pursuing your faith and not negative just curious! And, this thread is positive but interesting timing to my life as I am in great turmoil over just where the Church of my birth is headed. So, I will keep your thoughts in the forefront of my thinking today and stay positive.

Yes! Thanks be to God for my wonderful parish, and the community of Church militant to which I belong! As a single mom, with no intention of dating or marrying, the relationships I’ve made in my parish (through donating my time and talents) build mutual support and aid in spiritual growth. We’ve got each other’s backs, as it were, both in spiritual and temporal matters (a young woman in the parish is borrowing my car this week, for example).

Yes, indeed, we are blessed to be part of the Body of Christ!


Not all churches are welcoming. Not all encourage people when they are suffering. Sadly many make it clear they don’t want you to attend. Sorry not feeling particularly lucky but I’m sure there are many who do have wonderful church “homes” that give them a sense of community. I am attending a book study on “community” as it pertains to the church and it is helping pour out my pain and feelings about being mistreated and unwanted. It’s really a good book study at a local Protestant Church.

I will be interested to see how others define community and what they have so I can see what I’m looking for in a family.

I’ve never felt so loved until I joined the Church I attend. My knowledge of the Bible has increased dramatically and there’s so many support groups for everything.

It’s a place one feels they can invite their friends to and know they’ll experience the love of Christ working through others.

Guests and new members in our church family always remark on how friendly and loving everyone is. Before and after the divine service people greet each other like long lost brothers and sisters, hugs and tears all around. We see each other with the eyes of God’s love. We look out for each other. Somebody need a new roof? car fixed? we have volunteers for that.

This sense of volunteerism spills over to our efforts to help our Catholic neighbors in their ministry to the poor and homeless (we have big hearts but a smaller kitchen).

I think that passion to reach out in love to the surrounding community is a mark of a church filled with the Spirit.

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