Sensual worship: I forgot Catholic radio here switches to a Protestant station, so I heard something I mostly agree with

These're my feelings about sensual worship
The Catholic Church’s pre ’60s Masses instructed the soul and, really, though the looks became different, wasn’t anything new. Judaism had these aesthetics that stimulate the soul. They weren’t entertainment venues. I’m sure kids were bored back then at Mass, because it didn’t stimulate their flesh any more than pop music styles introduced to Masses since the ’60s. I can’t see how adults were impressed as so many actively and vocally began disrespecting Church teachings since then. Using the arts of a declining civilization that change frequently, no less, does not impress anyone, really. At least their souls were stimulated healthily with traditional Catholicism.
We are sensually connected to this world, but, through God, we can inspire souls using material of the physical world. Gregorian chant inspires; not entertains. That kind of sensual art is as OK as the art God said to have on the Ark of the Covenant and in the temple. God didn’t tell us to make his churches any certain way, but at least high culture of the Greeks and Romans were used–works of beauty and not the aesthetic ugliness of pop music, as is being used in evangelical and many Catholic services.

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