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I have been seeing a lot of you tube videos from a group called Sensus Fidelium. I am wondering if they are in accord with Rome or not. They say great things but seem to have a real issue with Vatican II. In fact they seem to reject it completely. Can anyone give me some insight on this. I really like what they put up on You Tube but if they are not in line with Rome then that could be an issue. I am hoping they are not another group like SSPX which at times seems to be in open rebellion against Rome.


I think they’re in accord with the church but lean more towards the traditional side. I was wondering that too, but I do think they are in line with the church.




Fr. Ripperger is a priest with the FSSP, a group that promotes the TLM and is in good standing with Rome. He, and they, most certainly do not reject Vatican II.


If he’s FSSP then he does not reject Vatican II, or maybe he does, I don’t know.
These Ecclesia Dei make me confuse.


Haha, exactly. (I’m rooting for the pro-Ripperger side though)


Excellent resource especially for understanding the current mess that the liberals have put the Church in and how to combat it. Look for especially Fr. Ripperger’s three part talk on Spiritual Warfare & Marriage.

Also one that they uploaded recently on a talk from 2002 on the book Goodbye Good Men.


You mean like about a third of the posters on CAF?

It’s Father Ripperger’s channel, as others have mentioned. You can look up some of the past threads we’ve had about Fr. Ripperger on here if you care. He is not a schismatic as far as I know. There are a whole bunch of traditional priests online including Fr. Z and Fr. Heilman who have some issues with Vatican II and the changes that came after it. None of them are in schism and they all kind of interact with each other online. It’s not a big deal. If you like what he has to say, listen to him. If you don’t, don’t.


Father Ripperger is no longer with the FSSP, a society of priests, but now has his own society, the Doloran Fathers under the Archbishop of Denver, CO.


Hello all I too enjoy Fr Ripperger’s works. As for Senssus Fidelium I enjoy those videos as well and was just as curious about if they were pro Vatican 2 or not. Then the other day I saw a YouTube video that put things in perspective. They are indeed with Vatican 2. The video was new last week though I forgot the title. It was very interesting.


Fr. Ripperger never says anything to contradict dogma, but can lay his somewhat extreme interpretations upon it, laced with personal opinions. So yes, by all means, watch him, he’s very helpful, but take his more extreme opinions cum grano salis. He’s my go-to guy for solid doctrine, however. Him and Pope Pius XII. God Bless!


The channel is run by a certain Steve Cunningham, a layman. The homilies and conferences on the channel are given by FSSP and diocesan priests, all in good standing.

It depends on the priest, some are relatively tolerant of Vatican II and the Novus Ordo, others take a dimmer view. The diocesan priests are usually the “hardliners”, surprisingly. In any case, Mr. Cunningham only uploads homilies from priests in approved traditional societies or in good standing with their diocese, so you won’t come across any schismatic homilies on the channel.


What’s with all the traditionalist priests becoming internet celebrities?


Not everyone has access to one. The closest TLM may be at least 100 miles away. So that’s how people get to hear that perspective.


One could say solid doctrine wins views…


I don’t think I have ever heard the Mass described as a ‘perspective’ before.


I wasn’t talking about the Mass. Traditionalist priests are generally where the TLM is celebrated, so I mentioned the distance of someone relative to where that Mass is celebrated. Those priests offer more than just the Mass.


How else are they going to reach a wide audience? The average diocese in USA, with a small handful of exceptions, is not chockablock with traditionalists. They all go on the Internet to find each other.


They are in communion with Rome.


The closest TLM to me is 256 miles away!

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