Sent doubles by mistake, what would you do?


If you placed an order online and received doubles of some product by mistake, what would you do?


Depends who you buy it from - an individual seller always send it back, a huge firm give them a ring and get them to pick it up - they earn enough to pay for the return!


Legally, you are obligated to do nothing. Morally, well it’s your call. I think for me it would depend upon the value of the item. If it was rather valuable, and worth the cost and effort to send it back, I would contact the company and arrange to have it sent back at their cost. If it was a small thing, I probably wouldn’t bother.

Once I ordered a cookbook from Southern Living and they sent me three copies instead of one. When I called them, they said to just keep it, because it wasn’t worth the return freight to them to get them back. So I gave one to my mom and one to my sister.


This happened to me recently. I emailed the seller and asked what he wanted me to do. He gave me the option of sending it back and he’d pay postage or keeping it for 1/2 price. I was thrilled to get it at half price and immediately made a paypal transaction.


I would check your credit card statement to see if you were billed twice, then call the company to see what they recommend.


i once bought one game boy game on Amazon and instead they sent me a one case - 12 games (or maybe it was 6, I don’t recall) but I called them up and they said they were going to send me a shipping label so I could mail them back free of charge. The label never came. After 2 years (yes, I was that paranoid about it) I finally donated them to toys for tots this past christmas.

I figure it isn’t yours. Alert them of their mistake. If you were at teh bank and the ATM spit out two 20 dollar bills instead of one you’d notify the bank right? Because you’d be sure you’d get caught and charged back for it.


This happened to me twice this Christmas. Orders that were lost in shipping, so both companies resent the orders. Then, two of each order showed up at my door.

One company had me keep the repeat order, the other paid for the shipment to be returned.

Just give 'em a call! :thumbsup:


Give them a call and see what they want to do. I’ve had this happen, and was told the same thing: It cost more to ship it than for me to keep it. :thumbsup: But you won’t know until you ask, and you know you won’t feel good about it until you call.


I agree with the call and ask strategy. You would want someone to be honest with you if it were your business, right? And even massive corporations, who seem faceless, employ dads who support moms staying home with their kids, and young people just starting out in life, and moms who work because they have no choice, and grandparents looking forward to retirement. All those people have a right to have their employer treated fairly. They need that company to stay profitable, and they should be able to expect that it won’t be getting ripped off.

The only time I ever dishonestly kept something that was accidentally sent to me was this last Christmas, when I got two tubs of Lincoln Logs instead of one from a catalog company I had ordered from. They treated me extremely badly. I ordered well within the Christmas shipping deadline, and yet they let part of my order sit around for 11 days until it was sent out so late that it missed Christmas by several days. I had to tell my daughter that part of her Christmas present was late. Would you wanna do that to your four year old? I contacted them about it, twice, and they completely ignored me. Wouldn’t call me back (I seemed to always get voice mail), would not respond to e-mail. I wanted some compensation, I suggested maybe they refund my shipping charge. Had they treated me well, or even TALKED to me, I would have told them about the mistake and offered to send it back. But since they decided that a customer who spent over $300 couldn’t be bothered with, I treated them accordingly and kept the extra toys. Moral? Probably not, but justifiable.

But any company that is halfway decent to its customers should be given the benefit of the doubt.


I agree with the others… call the company (or email, whatever) and notify them of their mistake.
If it’s a big deal to the company, they’ll arrange for easy shipment back… if it’s not, they’ll probably let you keep it! Either way the burden will be off your shoulders!


Once I ordered something from Bed, Bath and Beyond (can’t remember what) and I got a set of three lamps instead:shrug: Anyway, I called to let them know, because of course, I wanted my item. They told me to keep the lamps, too. Duskyjewels story reminded me of this, because it was a Christmas present for a child and what-a-surprise to open lamps.
Just last year I bought a battery powered car for my sons birthday. Can you believe I got two of those by accident?? I hoped like heck they’d let me keep it for nothing, and it was a really, really hesitant to let them know because I wanted it sssoooo badly (I’ve got a lotta kids). Segue…for years I’ve felt I could never commit a mortal sin, and I learned then that I am not immune to Satan’s tricks. He knew I wanted that, and boy what a test.
Ultimately, I did let them know, and I requested that they discount, from the price, the shipping they would have to pay to pick the item up (on such a big thing, that’s like $90). So, I think it might’ve originally been $225-$250, and they knocked of that huge shipping amount and I bought the second one at a deep discount.


I would also call the company and see how they want to handle


Great advice, thanks everyone:thumbsup:


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