Sent to Hell for Adam and Eve's Sin?


On a thread titled “Original Sin” somebody posted

“Two Oecumenical Councils taught that those guilty of Original Sin only would descend immediately into hell”

Is this true? This teaching seems bogus to me. Is it?

  1. It is incumbant upon anyone making a claim to substantiate it. In this case, what is needed is the names of the two councils, relevant quotes from the conciliar documents, and the citations to where the quotes can be found in the documents. In this way someone can go to the documents themselves and read the quotes in context. In this case the lack of information makes it impossible to comment one way or another on what the documents actually said.

  2. Hell can be understood in two ways. There is the place of the damned, which is only for those who are guilty of unrepented personal mortal sin; and there is sheol, which refers to the “hell” into which Jesus is said to have descended in the Apostles Creed (i.e., “He descended into hell; on the third day he arose from the dead…”). In this usage it refers to the limbo of the Fathers where it is believed that the righteous dead who lived before Christ awaited the opening of heaven.

  3. In any case, those who die with only the stain of original sin do not go to the place of the damned. That would mean that babies who die unbaptized are damned but even the most rigorist interpretation of the Church’s doctrine extra ecclesia nulla salus (Latin, “outside the Church, no salvation”) never understood the Church to teach that.

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