Separated and confused

I left our home due to verbal abuse and I have been separated with my husband for 2 weeks now. He is asking for a divorce and an annulment ( which has grounds accdg to my confessor) I feel so much pain, anguish and despair. I have always been pro -marriage anti-divorce and a good catholic girl and I don’t know why this is happening to me. I feel like I am being abandoned by my husband. I have no family since I am in a foreign country. I just need words of support. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I also ask for your prayers in this time of tribulation

May God help you through this. I am sad this is happening to you and that you have no family support.:grouphug:

If your husband doesn’t love you, you are already abandoned by him. His desire to divorce and his verbal abuse indicate he doesn’t love you, but you do deserve to be genuinely loved so I’ll keep you in my prayers.

If your confessor is right and it’s not a valid marriage, and your husband goes ahead and obtains an annulment, then you weren’t validly married so you are not choosing divorce nor going against your beliefs.

Please God, things will work out according to God’s love and best interest for your future blessing and happiness

I will defiantly pray for you. :slight_smile: I’ve written your username in my prayer book so I remember to do so.

I know someone else who was in your situation, and one of the things she said that helped her was believing in herself, talking about it, and laughter.

I hope that helps.

I will pray for you too.

I would suggest that you see if your parish can help you during this difficult time. Some parishes have Befrienders (I have one) or Stephen Ministers who are lay people who can listen and support those who are hurting.

Maybe you can make friends in a women’s group at church.

Also, check out agencies that help abused women. Verbal abuse is abuse.

Hope this helps.

You know I had the same problems at work with a boss, The Holy Spirit allowed me to see the demon that controled her rage, so I know where her angry outburst come from. I could say the same with you. Ask God to enlighten you as to who is controlling your husband.

I know your pain. I was in a bad marriage many years ago, and went through a nasty divorced. I’ve always felt like marriage is suppose to be forever. But there are certain circumstances that require action. Some good suggestions have already been given. You will be in my prayers. :gopray2:

Praying a Rosary for him will work wonders.

My husband hasn’t been going to church lately and has been distant from God. His dad is also a mason and some of his family members are into new age. The thing that makes me sad is that he married a faithful catholic . I just wish he could be saved and our marriage too.

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