Separation in marriage and reuniting

Has anyone experienced a marriage breakdown ,then reconnecting and reconciling after a period of separation? How long where you seperated for?
You can PM if you would prefer.God bless.

I did a very long time ago and it did not work in my case. BUT…I wasn’t Catholic then, nor was my ex husband. We did not utilize any outside resources, we did not really forgive each other, we held onto all our hurts and used them against each other when we wanted. Basically we set ourselves up to fail and that we did.

My point I guess is how much work are you both willing to do? Will you have the help of a counselor to guide you through the process? Are you really talking to each other? Are you both living a life of faith?

I know it can be done, I’ve seen it done. Praying it all works for you.



Well ,only holding on by a thread at this stage.
Just wanted to hear of anyone else’s positive experience :slight_smile:

There is still hope then. My cousin went through this many years ago. Hubby had an affair and they split for a time. I don’t know any of the details but they did reconcile and will be celebrating 36 years of marriage this year. I’m sure it took work but they have been happy for a long time now.

It can work.

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This group has been on Catholic Answers Live:

Thanks,I’ve done some reading on that site-it’s very good :slight_smile:

Im just waiting and praying ,it’s about all I can do,and reply to small and few messages

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Are you in counseling? Even if spouse will not go, you go yourself.

I should try,hard to source a catholic marriage councillor where I am apart from online.
Priests and psychologist help a little.


This is link that is shared on my Catholic radio station. It is Dr. Greg & Lisa Popcak.

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I am so sorry that you are going through this. I, too, am currently separated from my husband, and the healing process is long, painful and confusing. Quite frankly, in my husband’s case, I don’t really think the healing has begun at all. He pays great lip service to fixing things, but he’s done painfully little. Further, he has done a few other things since the separation that negate any good he might think he’s doing.
Is there any chance you would share the reasons for your separation?
My husband had a relationship with another woman for over a year. I discovered it a few months after it started, at which point he said he would stop communicating with her. I found out months later that he (either) never stopped, or resumed, and I took the kids and left for my family home.

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