Seperated Brothers and Sisters.....

All the years of growing up I never head the Catholic Church ever knock any Prodesent Churchs. Even to this day I don’t hear the Catholic Church Knocking any other Churchs. They always refer to them as “Seperated Brothers and Sisters.”

Many of the Catholic Books, (if anyone is interested in learing) even teach this.

Yet, for the 30 years I was away from the Cathoic Church I’ve lost track of the many times I always heard other Religions knocking the Catholic Church, even to the point of saying “Catholics Aren’t saved.”

I find it amazing that so many different Churchs are so “hung up” against the Catholic Church and the Catholic Churchs teachings.

I must confess I have to thank all the Prodesent Churchs for steering me back to my Catholic Faith. (sure it took me many years of “searching” and attending other Prodesent Churchs) but at long last the truth I needed to find I found in the Catholic Church.

I ordered many booklets from the knights of columbus. (over 30 of them) and the “light” went on. Over the 30 years I was away since I was searching for the truth, I ordered and studied many books from other Religions. Wow, talk about an “eye opener”.

May I suggest that Prodesents take the same path I did, even if you don’t want to become a Catholic. Order some bookelts, learn about the Catholic Church, (you don’t have to become Catholic and no one will call you or knock on your door) but you may be surprised on what you learn. Learning never hurt anyone, and if nothing else you will walk away with a better understanding of what the Catholic Church really believes and not what “others” are teaching that we believe. It just may surprise you fact and history, not to mention it’s all right from the Bible.

Hi adelore; It is wonderful to hear the knights had an influence of you coming back home. This fourth degree Knight welcomes you home:) . As you may know, The Catholic church has always been neutral about speaking negative about other faiths, I wish all non catholics and protestant church’s pay the same courteosy back to the Catholic church. But this Catholic bashing from non catholic and protestant pulpits can bring in the attendance. I recommend the Kights literature also, they are very informative and scriptural based as you explained above.

Peace be with you

Criticism is a funny thing.

When you are receiving it it can seem very harsh.

It can seem harsher than it really is.

But it can also seem innocuous when really it is quite heavy.

When you agree fundamentally with the person or persons offering the criticism it can be difficult to see how harsh it not only seems but really is; i.e. when you’re dishing it out, or when your friends are, it can be very difficult to see when criticism crosses over into derision.

It all has to do with a necessary and inherent myopia all human beings share: my group is right and even when it’s wrong it’s right.

This is closely related to: “I can beat up my little brother but no ones else better lay a hand on him.”

I would urge you to pretend you’re Protestant for a while and read some of the things said by Catholics around here. I mean, really make the effort to put yourself in our shoes.

I hope you will be able to see that its not nearly as one sided as you believe.

Steadfast, if I am to understand the point of adelore’s original post, he was referencing Protestant churches NOT individuals per say, and not ALL Protestant churches do this I know.

I agree with you though in one aspect. Sometimes the language from fellow Catholics is not as charitable as it should be, and as wrong as that is, its Still NOT coming from the Ambos (pulpits) of your local parish or more properly, the Catholic Church.

Truth is something we have to come to terms to. I only speak from first hand experience, nothing is implied, assumed or hear say; Although your comment doesn’t reflect the truth of the comments you refer to, never the less your opinions are respected. The reality is; The Catholic Church has always been the big target of false accusations, misinterpretations of her doctrine by non catholics, try listening to a non Catholic religious radio station and hear about the false accusations about the Catholic church from a public forum.

Although I agree with you of what you falsely imply as criticism when it comes from a living witness and life experience to the comments of the fact. I can appreciate you relating it to a human weakness. The point I hope to make here is that; the public forums especially the pulpit is not a place to make false accusations about anothers faith, at the expense of her communities or people.

There is a big difference between two human beings speaking from experience, than a public forum making false propaganda for any topic, not to mention anothers faith. I dont think your complaint is in order, again your opinion is respected.

Peace be with you

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