(Sephardic) Jerusalem Chief Rabbi (Shlomo Amar): Western Wall Deal (RE: mixed-gender prayer space) Will ‘Weaken’ City

Israel’s former Sephardic chief rabbi said that a landmark compromise establishing a mixed-gender prayer space at the Western Wall will “weaken Jerusalem.”

Speaking on Sunday, Shlomo Amar, who is currently the Sephardic chief rabbi of Jerusalem, also referred to the liberal Jewish proponents of expanding non-Orthodox worship space at Judaism’s holiest site as “wicked,” the Times of Israel reported . . .

Sunday was not the first time Amar had criticized the plan for a mixed-gender prayer section. In March, he compared it to destroying the Western Wall altogether and said proponents of such a section “pretend to pray” and “act brazenly and mockingly, which is a desecration.”


Neither of the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem’s comments about the mixed-gender prayer space at the Western Wall from this past weekend or from March have been covered by ABC, NBC, CBS, or Fox News.

March 6, 2016: Jerusalem chief rabbi: Mixed-gender plaza akin to razing Western Wall


In other words, very Orthodox Jew believes very Orthodox stuff…not seeing a story here.

Well, I see the story. Both men and women could pray near the wall. But spmeone of the liberals suddenly started to feel uncomfortable with the separation of sexes and insisted on making the wall “progressive”. :frowning:


Orthodox Jews do not believe in mixed prayer since men and women together may serve as a distraction in terms of sexual arousal. I am not an Orthodox Jew but I can understand the thinking involved here. On the other hand, this particular rabbi and his Ashkenazi counterpart are well-known as extreme in their political and religious views.

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